Brand New Streaming New Disc on MySpace


Daisy, the forthcoming album from Long Island indie/hardcore band Brand New isn't out until next Tuesday, Sept. 22, but thanks to MySpace, you can check out the disc in its entirety before it drops next week. The band is streaming its fourth disc on their MySpace page.

After giving the stellar album a full listen, we can't wait to see them live next month. Like a fine wine, Brand New continues to get better with age. Be sure to check out tracks like "At the Bottom," "Gasoline" and "Daisy," the title track. You can also check out the guys performing "Sowing Season (Yeah)" from The Devil And God in the studio during the Daisy sessions here.

The band will debut some new material for an AZ audience when they headline Mesa Ampitheatre Thursday, Oct. 22. Manchester Orchestra and The Builders and The Butchers are also on the bill. Tickets are $24-$28 and show kicks off at 6:15 p.m.

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