Will Twilight Fans Cough Up $105 to See Celebs Sun Bathe?

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Would you pay top dollar to catch a glimpse of Twilight's Cullen family?

Keep in mind, Twilight fans, that just because your favorite character from the film inspired by Stephenie Meyer's uber-popular series of vampiric, romance novels for teens is chilling pool side does not mean that his or her skin will shimmer like diamonds.

Still, for the cost of $105 a night, you too can stay at the Wigwam Golf Resort and Spa where members of the Twilight cast will be resting between autograph sessions at the Twi/Tour Convention on August 14 -16.

A press release from Wigwam claims that guests will be in "prime position for the chance at seeing their favorite Twilight cast member." Who wouldn't want a shot of Ashley Greene or Billy Burke enjoying dinner at Red's Steakhouse, rejuvinating at the Red Door Spa or beating away Hot Topic shoppers while insisting that they're not really vampires?

Given the option of watching a bunch of minor celebs try to avoid fans, we'd rather watch this.

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