Violet Wild to Open for Fuel, Better Than Ezra

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Violet Wild have a couple of noteworthy shows on the horizon. The popular local pop-rock act will open for the once-popular rock band Fuel, who I didn't even know were still together until I passed a billboard at Tempe Marketplace earlier this week advertising a show on Friday Aug. 28 at Tempe Marketplace. When I shared this news via Twitter, one of my Tweeps said "how many times are they going to reinvent themselves?'' But I digress.

If you make it out to the show to see the "reinvention" of Fuel be sure to check out Violet Wild, who have been cranking out some solid new tracks during recent performances. The free show kicks off at 7 p.m.

In addition to opening for Fuel, Violet Wild will open for Better Than Ezra at the Marquee Theatre at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 22, a much better pairing. The band is offering pre-sale tickets for $10. You can stay posted on everything Violet Wild on the group's Twitter page. If you have to pick between the shows, I recommend Better Than Ezra. The guys always put on one hell of a performance.

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