Club Candids: Sunday Night at Casey Moore's

Cute and approachable. Every single man's dream.
We're on a roll with hitting bars that make us feel all warm and comfy. Last week, it was the home-like Rose & Crown, and this week, we hit another cozy house-turned-bar, Casey Moore's in Tempe.

Perhaps it's because there's hardly a damn thing going on in town this time of year, but it seems to us that the summer party attitude is taking a bit of a snooze as we gear up for a packed partying schedule of the fall.

This time of year, we can always count on a crowd at Casey's. Even on this past Sunday, August 9th, there was a healthy dose of good looking folks finding a relaxing evening at the friendly bar or the quiet patio (see our slideshow). God bless 'em, we say.

Casey Moore's Oyster House, 850 S. Ash Ave in Tempe, 480-968-9935,

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