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chiyogami paper black kimono.jpg
Chiyogami paper available at The Paper Studio.
If this is the kind of thing you're into, keep reading.
Since my Grey Gardens blog was so long-winded the other day, I'll spare you from any rambling. Let's keep this one simple, shall we?

The long-awaited return of Tempe's The Paper Studio is finally here!

I wrote about the closing of their retail store a while back, and, while they technically didn't go anywhere, they are now back up and functioning after some restructuring.

florentine traditional fall.jpg
Florentine traditional fall design on decorative Italian paper available at The Paper Studio.
First off, I was pleased to discover that we can still snag all the fine paper goods The Paper Studio is known for at their on-line store. They've transformed their former retail space into a roomier, re-vamped classroom that is now open. You can now sign up for their fabulous classes that teach all skills revolving around paper.

For this fall's schedule, expect classes in letterpress, bookbinding, cardmaking, pendants and papermaking.

Oh, and if you are an Arty Girl reader, you'll probably dig their blog.

Welcome back, Paper Studio...we missed ya!

For more about The Paper Studio visit

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