Shepard Fairey, Artist Behind Obama "HOPE" Poster, Tied To The Edge 103.9's New Logo

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Holy shit. Looks like the "new" logo The Edge 103.9 apparently ripped off from defunct LA station Indie 103.1 was actually designed by Shepard Fairey, the dude who did the famous "HOPE" poster for Barack Obama's campaign. His work is enshrined in NY's MOMA and The Smithsonian. Oof.

On the plus side, this shows The Edge's people have great taste. On the downside, Fairey is a heavy hitter with a history of involvement in litigation, who is unlikely to suffer this silently. We're trying to contact him now.

Yikes. We "HOPE" The Edge gets through this unscathed.

In related news, The Arizona Republic has finally caught up to where we were yesterday with The Edge story. Congrats guys.

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