Jordin Sparks Hammered In Reviews, Chester Bennington Talks About Drugs, Pearl Jam On The Radio

So Much Silence: Alvin Band: Temple Pressure (video, mp3)
Idolator: Highlights from various Jordin Sparks reviews
NME: LCD Soundsystem set for new release of '45:33'
Idolator: Will Lil Wayne's "Rebirth" Ever See The Light Of Day?
Rolling Stone: Pearl Jam's New "Backspacer" Single "The Fixer" Hits Radio
NME: Jay-Z: 'the anti-auto-tune record was Kanye West's idea'
Spin: Linkin Park's Bennington Discusses His Drug Addiction
Sound of the City: Q-Tip's Memoir to Elaborate on Industry Rule 4,080 and Perhaps List the Other 4,079

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