10 Things Under $10 This Weekend: BBW Babes, Freaky Geeks, Chicano Cultura, and More

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Ikonoklast is scheduled to perform on Saturday at Chasers Bar & Nightclub in Scottsdale.
From BBW beauties and bizarre behavior to outdoor punk shows and indoor disco dancefests, our weekly roundup of inexpensive events happening from tonight until Sunday has it all.

Read on for a rundown of all the thrifty throwdowns:

Artists for Dignity at Tonatierra (Friday)
Chances are you won't catch Sheriff Joe Arpaio anywhere near this vibrant celebration of Chicano and Latino cultura, which benefits the Macehualli Work Center and will feature a number of artists gathering together to "resist, rebel, and create." Such hip-hop artists as Olmeca and Cihuatl-Ce will perform, food and drinks will be served, and live artwork will take place. 7 p.m., $5 suggested donation. (802 North Seventh Street, 602-314-5870)

High School Football Records Showcase at Jugheads (Friday)
Although it doesn't have a six figure funding deal with Sony (like Modern Art Records), Billy Goodman's indie label has built a name for itself in the Valley scene, if for no other reason than its stellar line-up of artists. A good chunk of said roster (which is practically a "who's who" of local standouts) will be featured at this musical extravaganza, including The Tightholes, Skinwalkers, BOLT!, and Goodman's own outfit Necronauts. 9 p.m., $5. (5110 East McDowell Road, 602-225-0307).

Full-Figure Fridays at the San Carlos Hotel (Friday)
If there's one thing that pool parties like Star Swim and Acqua Thursdays have in spades its skinny people, be they emaciated freegans or anorexic fashionistas. Truth be told, there haven't been many swimming soirees where those of a more zaftig nature can take a dip, until now that is. The lovely-but-large ladies of Club Fullfilled are presenting their version of a water romp, where anyone and everyone are welcome, particularly buxom BBW babes and their admirers. DJ Signal will be spinning hip-hop and Top 40 hits and both wet tee shirt and boxer contests are offered. 7 p.m., $5. (202 North Central Avenue)

Anti-Art Show at The Lost Leaf (Friday)
There are a couple of times when you're absolutely guaranteed to find a standing-room-only situation at the Lost Leaf: 1) First Fridays, and 2) during the monthly Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School session. Given the fact that the latter event typically features burlesque dancers, goth girls, and other alt-chicks in various stages of undress as they pose for creative types, it's a relative no-brainer why people somehow find their way to the popular beer and wine emporium. We're guessing they'll do the same, only this time to take a gander at some of the various art works that were borne from these countercultural life-drawing classes, including numerous paintings and sketches. DJ Chris Flores will also provide a soundtrack of jazz, soul, and funk. 8 p.m., free (914 North Fifth Street, 602-258-0014)

Summer of Sound Indie Showcase at The Library Bar & Grill (Saturday)
That's right, we're not beneath pimping our own events. Hopefully, y'all will be willing to look past such shameless shilling, especially since we've put together a shindig featuring some of the best indie acts that P-Town has to offer. Besides soulful ukulele-strumming songstress Michelle Blades and the eclectic musicians of Dry River Yacht Club, we've also booked Miles to Nowhere and Gospel Claws, not to mention SoCal noise-poppers (and headliners) No Age. 7 p.m., $5. (501 South Mill Avenue, Tempe, 480-929-9002).

The Great Unconformity CD release party at Papago Park (Saturday)
Just like the hardcore kids at such under-the-radar DIY music venues as The Slurp and The Manor have proven, you don't need to hold a show at a bar for it to be a successful one. The acoustic punkers of The Great Unconformity are of the same school of thought, as the duo of Josh Hollow and Kaci Chianti prefer holding their gonzo gigs in the great outdoors or at public parks, much like they'll do for a special show marking the release of their aptly-named disc We Do It Our Way. 6 p.m., free (625 North Galvin Parkway)

Cut Throat Freak Show at Chasers Bar & Nightclub (Saturday)
Back in the "old timey" days (where mustaches were waxed and "consarn it" was part of the vernacular) you'd normally have to pay a whole nickel to witness the kind of freaky geekery that Jeremy Kinison revels in. This weekend, however, the tattooed 29-year-old daredevil will do you one better: You can catch his sideshow act -- which regularly includes walking on broken glass, fire breathing, or pounding nails into his nasal cavity -- for free, provided you dress in retrolicious '80s wear (otherwise, the cover is $5). The industrial rockers of Ikonoklast are scheduled to perform, as are other "bonerific bands" like The Autopsy Report, The S1nd1cate, and Seattle electro-punkers Pill Brigade. 8 p.m. (8005 East Roosevelt Street, Scottsdale, 480-945-4985)

PHX Saturdays at PHX Nightclub (Saturday)
This ghetto-fab downtown danceteria has an offer you can't seemingly refuse, fool. Call or text 602-503-0374 to get on its guest list and you'll only get $2 drinks before 10 p.m., but also no cover whatsoever. For those suckas who get denied, don't worry. Cough up a measly $9 and you can dance all night to the R&B and hip-hop sounds laid down by DJ Robby Rob along with more chicas than an average Jay-Z video. 8 p.m. (122 East Washington Street, 602-373-0600)

Outlaw Country Brunch at the Lucky Devil (Sunday)
Pop quiz, hotshot: Who's the only DJ in this 'berg that has a sandwich named after them? It's not C.L. McSpadden, nor is it Soloman, Seduce, or even Spencer Thomas. Give up? It's Johnny Volume of BANNED! fame who's moniker graces a dish over at Greaser's Pizza in Tempe. That's not the only connection the punker platter jockey has with the dining world, as he regularly serves up a slate of Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and other bad-ass country artists during Lucky Devil's Sunday afternoon brunch. In addition to listening to "Ring of Fire" while feasting on huevos rancheros, you can cash in on various breakfast specials and $3 bloody marys and mimosas. Noon-4 p.m., free. (1212 East Apache Boulevard, Tempe, 480-446-7468)

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