Black Fag Brings Its Homo Hardcore Black Flag Tribute to Jugheads on Friday

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black fag group shot.jpg
The fabulous members of Black Fag.

Imagine, if you will, that all those long-standing rumors about Henry Rollins' alleged homosexuality are actually true. (They're not, of course, but stick with us). Better yet, picture what the muscular singer would've looked like if he'd had spent his entire career out of the closet.

In our mind's eye, we think this "alternate universe" version of Rollins might've resembled Liberace Morris, the pink smoking jacket-clad, ascot-wearing, martini-drinking, beyond-swishy frontman for Black Fag, a self-described "absolutely fabulous" SoCal Black Flag tribute band that's performing at Jugheads (5110 East McDowell Road, 602-225-0307) tomorrow night. Bro-Loaf, The Revenge, and, er...Full Blown AIDS are also scheduled to perform.

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