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69 Sins

Phoenix metal act 69 Sins' debut EP G.F.Y. doesn't disturb me so much for what it is, as what it hints at. Though it's a pretty standard metal CD in many ways, there are a few glimmers of what I can only describe as Bro Metal. Now, metal barely -- barely -- survived the nu-metal era, and that was, at least in part, created by bands like Korn who counterbalanced their machismo with oddly-structured songs about being molested. 69 Sins comes a lot harder than a band like Limp Bizkit, and with all the bro rock posturing, I worry they could eventually grow in to force of pure evil.

First there's that name, which sounds like it was created by Beavis and/or Butthead. Then there's the part of "Old School" where the singer, Mike G., bellows "I've just got one thing to say: You all fucking suck. Yeah, you suck, you suck, and you suck too." Then there's the verses of "Weak," which sound suspiciously like that old-fashioned rap-rock thing. Oof.

The scary part is that 69 Sins also brings in machine-gun drums and a pitch-perfect death metal growl on "Kill What You Love." The second song, "Long Way Down" starts off with an enticing bit of Far East-sounding guitar before settling in to a well-rounded trudge riff and vocals reminiscent of what you'll hear from Tool. Then, they bring back the growl, for a full sound that's more mature than you'd expect from a band making it's first record. Like I said, that could bode well, but for the elements of bro rock posturing, which make me worry this band could turn in to something truly disturbing. Me, I'll just listen to the excellent new record from L.A. art metal band Isis and not sweat it.

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pure evil?  huh not to many music acts described that way, unless you count like slayer, ozzy or m.manson by the god fearing satanic panic fanatics. HAIL SATAN !!! j/k worshiping is a fools game Id love to see the rate you would give the shit inside my head. Being forced to listen to the shit called rock these days, now thats pure evil,  Thank god there are bands like 69 who wont compromise the integrity of raw fxxxing emotion in their art & words just to appeal to more & not offend as many.i dont get the psycho babble bs that they could be or turn into 'pure evil'?  Its music, its a form of expression & a release & way to vent & idealy get rid of some of the pain& hell that was suffered.You whine, cry & wallow or you can say fxxx this im not gonna take it lying down.  ...69sins is not for any one  w/ a weak stomach  pc views  or a turn the other check policy, its for the fed up fucked up and gonna get the fuck up!  its from the mind of a sic man & this is what the mind of a sic man sounds like.. music to my ears but cant win them all...

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