The Howard Stern Porno DVD Release Party at Pink Cabaret

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Jamie Peachey
Taryn Thomas
Even with all his self-professed shortcomings, shock jock Howard Stern was bound to be tied to a porno movie someday. And while the "Howard Stern Porno" doesn't actually star Stern, it does feature actors in Stern masks having sex in the DJ's chair at his old WXRK studios, before he moved to Sirius satellite radio.

Of course, that footage was supposed to have been destroyed or lost long ago. Word on the street is when Stern got wind of the footage (all shot by Stern wack packer Cabbie, prior to his being banned from Stern's show in 2007), he was really upset and tried to block the release of the footage.

Epic fail for Stern. The footage survived, and is now being released on DVD in the "Howard Stern Porno" by none other Taryn It Up Productions, run by porn star and Valley resident Taryn Thomas. The DVD release party at Pink Cabaret on Wednesday, April 29, marked the first release by Thomas' production company, and featured a slew of notables.

Jamie Peachey
Ron Jeremy 
The club itself is very posh -- two floors, granite counter tops, tons of big screen plasma TVs, comfy leather furniture, and mirrors everywhere. The setting was fitting for some of the biggest names in the adult film industry and the local entertainment business. As countless big-busted babes shook their asses on stage to everything from Snoop Dogg to My Chemical Romance, the VIPs lived up to their acronyms. 

First, there was Edge 103.9 DJ Tim Virgin, who is never one to miss a party that features booze and boobs. Virgin spent most of the night at the bar, mingling with busty blondes.

Of course, Thomas herself was also in attendance, looking stunning in a classic little black dress and chatting it up with her many admirers. She was accompanied by British porn sensation Poppy Morgan, who was sporting a slinky, $450 dress.

The legendary Ron Jeremy was also in attendance, hanging out in the VIP area and watching the strippers intently. Jeremy's a very hands-on guy, and he probably got more booby in hand than any of the men in the club who were shelling out for lap dances. Even the dudes love Ron Jeremy -- several men came up to him and said, "You're the man." (Interesting and tangential aside -- Jeremy plays the harmonica quite well).

Ironically, the man who shot the footage for the "Howard Stern Porno," Cabbie, was also at the club, but pretty much invisible all night. He spent the early part of the evening hidden near the DJ booth, and had disappeared into the estrogen ether by midnight. The only quote we got from Cabbie (way earlier in the day) was, "I told Howard Stern to go fuck himself."

Pink Cabaret was pretty packed by midnight, and dollar bills began raining down from the balcony and onto the stage. And although Ron Jeremy was the super-wallflower, sitting in a booth with fans approaching him all night, Thomas was definitely the star of the show, followed by fans wherever she went.

Check out for more information on Taryn It Up Productions and the "Howard Stern Porno."

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