Club Candids at Casey Moore's

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You are both very attractive. That's why we chose you for this.
It's been a few years since we snapped shots of the jolly drunkards at Casey Moore's. We all know what Casey Moore's is like on a Friday or Saturday. And, with our drinking habits, we happen to know what it's like there every other day of the week. Sunday night is probably our favorite evening there. We don't have to deal with the overly-drunk grabby-hands guys, we can always find a seat on the patio and we never have to show cleavage to get a drink.

The relaxed crowd on Sunday, March 8th was lovely... just lovely, we say (see for yourself in the slideshow). And everyone was so willing for photos, it made our job a breeze. We love Casey Moore's. Every night of the week.

Casey Moore's Oyster House, 850 S. Ash Ave in Tempe, 480-968-9935,

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