Repo Party: Take My Organ, Please!

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If you haven't heard of the gory stage show turned slasher flick known as Repo! The Genetic Opera, you're probably counting yourself lucky. When the hubby suggested we see this B-movie, currently available on video or on the big screen at Chandler Cinemas, I was less than thrilled. I expected a modern-day Rocky Horror Picture Show, and while, yes, I've seen that a zillion times and did a short stint as Columbia in college, everyone knows that the movie blows without the funny callbacks and scantily clad live cast.  

The premise, in case you missed it: In the future, there's an epidemic of organ failures, cured with transplanted organs from a company called GeneCo., founded by Mr. Rotti Largo. Largo was so powerful that he got a bill passed allowing the organs to be repossessed if their new owners didn't keep up with payments. Anyway, Repo actually kicked ass. I didn't hold out hope when shrill voices starting intoning "REEEPO MAAAN!" but the plot was decent, the dark cinematography interesting and the gore ghoulish yet funny enough that I didn't hurl.

If you're one of the three unlucky people who've seen House of Wax, you know what a trainwreck Paris Hilton is on-screen. Luckily, all she had to do in Repo was stand there and look pretty. Or, rather look ugly, as her character -- GeneCo heiress Amber Sweet -- is tragically addicted to plastic surgery. Typecast much?


The rest of the cast literally rocked, from Phantom of the Opera soprano Sarah Brightman as GeneCo opera diva Blind Mag to Anthony Stewart Head (yes, fellow vampire nerds, that's Giles from Buffy) as a doting father with a secret double-life as head repo man. If you're not squeamish, Repo would be a cool party flick. Sick, twisted party ideas after the jump.


Finger Food
Tons of Internet sites have recipes for creepy-looking nibbles, but my fave is Britta's Halloween Site. Check out the realistic eyeballs, fingers and the brain pate (shown above)!

Party Favors
Make an organ-in-a-jar for each of your guests. How? Take a mason jar and fill with sugar-free lemonade or any other yellow drink. Add a couple of drops of brown and red food coloring and shake lightly to mix. You should end up with a putrid brownish-yellow liquid that simulates formaldehyde. Mold flesh-colored Sculpey clay into a kidney shape (or heart, or lung, or whatever) and bake as instructed. Pop in the jar and seal!


You might not know it, but you're probably already a decent Repo Man. Drag out your old Operation! board game, paint the organs with a couple of blood spots and let the endless buzzing begin.

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