New CenPho Nightspot Opens Tomorrow

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open mural.jpg
Courtesy of Gary Slone
The mural inside Open Gallery Bar & Grill

Valley bar and club owners have been busting much ass recently in preparation for this weekend's All-Star Game, and Gary and Renetta Slone are no exception.

The couple's new nightspot/restaurant Open Gallery Bar & Grill (5025 North Seventh Avenue, 602-277-0323), will make its debut tomorrow night and they've been spending countless hours getting everything ready.

Having taken over the location previously occupied by Tio Leo's Mexican Grill & Cantina (which closed last summer), the owners say have completely refurbished the place in "upscale grown and sexy" fashion. Some of the highlights of the new décor include TVs in the floor and a cool mural (pictured above) adorned with the faces of Prince, Tupac, and J-Lo.

Gary told me that during the day it will be more of a restaurant, but after dark the spot becomes a nightclub called OG's. Their aim, he explains, is to cater to hip-hop/R&B scenesters as well as hipster types. To that end, they're planning future nights devoted to jazz, blues, neo-soul, and alternative music.

"That's why it's called 'open,' because we want to serve many different kinds of people and not just one specific crowd," Gary says.

They're expecting a huge crowd this weekend, and with good reason. Starting tomorrow night through Sunday, Open Gallery will put on some hot-sounding after hours All-Star parties hosted by an array off high-profile hip-hop artists, including Jim Jones on Friday/Saturday and Akon on Sunday.

Be sure to peep out the MySpace site for additional info, yo.

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