Has The Buzz Become Club Deep?

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Is this the new Club Deep?

Long-running nightspot The Buzz is transforming into Club Deep.

But then again, maybe it isn't.

Confused? So am I.

Some recent postings on Craigslist state that an east coast club promoter named Brian Speed has "taken over" the north Scottsdale danceteria (which was famous for its 18-and-over night). Help wanted ads and fliers touting the change have also been posted online, each of them giving out The Buzz's address of 10345 North Scottsdale Road.

At the same time, however, I heard advertisements for The Buzz on 101.5 Jamz over the weekend that didn't mention anything about the ownership change. The club's voicemail also doesn't provide any answers either and instead promotes a President's Day dance event from this past Sunday, as well as their normal Friday and Saturday weeklies. I also stopped by the club earlier today and there hasn't been any changes made to the signage (see photo above). I've sent MySpace messages to both Speed and The Buzz, but haven't gotten any replies as of yet.

Here's a sample of some of the Craigslist postings that describes what Speed has planned for the club, if the change has, indeed, happened:

Night Club Icon has just taken over a BRAND NEW MEGA NIGHTCLUB located in SCOTTSDALE. 3 ROOMS, 2000 PEOPLE, 1 AMAZING PARTY! We put together the hottest themes, contests, vacation giveaways, combined with the coolest concept in an "A" location. Our flyers and advertising methods are unique and cutting edge. The Night Club will feature a Phoenix Model Search, 2 for 1 bottles in VIP Room, VIP Card Giveaway, NYC, Miami & Vegas DJ's, Live performances, Celebrities, Play Boy [sic]Models, Massage Therapy, and more! We are also producing a Reality TV show about Night Life that will be filmed at Club Deep!

While it's possible that Speed and his staff are still in the process of changing everything over to the new setup, you'll have to excuse my exercising a little skepticism at a club owner's claims and rampant hyperbole.

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Successful people will always have haters!


A small example of this guys lies!  He also tole me he booked Tiesto years ago, but cant fin d the flyer for that particular show......right!   

ust to reiterate:
"Mr. Speed" lied about starting up a clothing line called, "NY Ego"
"Mr. Speed" claims to be part owner! Brian actually mispells Joseph Schilliro's (the actual owners)name on his created web page! Schilliro has 2 l's not one! "Mr. Speed" claim in this created page,
"In 2005 Brian Speed 27 and partner Joseph Schiliro 24 launched a new clothing line called NY Ego."
In another page "Mr. Speed" now claims he alone created/launched NY Ego himself, no mention of Joseph Schilliro! Maybe Mr. Schilliro would like to know that as well?
In this created page by "Mr. Speed" he now claims "in
2005 Brian Speed 27 launched a new clothing line called NY Ego.". Now he did it all by himself.
"Mr. Speeds" numerous (fake) "articles" that were primarily written by himself. That appear in Magazines either after they ceased publication or a few years before their actual first publication. Some might call that strange, but not here in "Mr. Speeds" fantasy land.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BAM_ (magazine)



 Censo Astoria NY is his new spot, is he really a scam artist?


Mr. Speed/Cohen tried to pull the same thing in San Diego, without going into great detail the guy is a scam artist. He tries to get employees to do his work for him for free. He he never pays. He never even showed up once to his new club Blonde Martini. The first month when his genius marketing plan lol didn't work and he owed money, he disappeared and was never heard from again. His concepts are ghetto, his promotions are scams, and he is just a cheep con-artist. Stay away from this guy!


Not sure where in newyork that is but in Florida he packed every club and always seemed down to earth. i nebver worked with him but my ex did a few years ago and said he always did the right thing.


The kid is a genious, hard working and honest. Hes done hundreds of clubs all over North America and brings creative unique concepts to Venues. I have owned 6 Clubs in South Florida and not every event he does works but most do well. Sometimes he takes on to many things and isnt hands on as hes trying to grow larger. They always work better when he is on location. I am sure 2 sides to all stories. His system is fair and he doesnt take B.S. which can be taken out of content with his NY attitude.


This kid is a fagot, plain and fucking simple. Why does that homo always have the same limp wristed pose in every pic? Its like hes pointing to himself thinking "yep Im a homo". The only NY attitude this pair of clown shoes has is from Greenwich village. This dude promotes teen nights for fucks sake, yeah, thats big time. It may be true that he doesn't take BS, but he sure does take a lot of cock....black ones, there are only two things getting larger in regards to Brian Cohen is his asshole, and his lies.

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