Great Scot! Men in Skirts with Big Poles

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There's something about a man in a skirt that just says "sexy." I'm not talking about transvestites or transsexuals or cross-dressers or whatever, but totally masculine dudes who have the balls to wear what's traditionally considered a feminine piece of clothing -- at least, in this part of the world -- with pride.

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Sadly, I couldn't get this gent to prove it.

The sexiest guy I ever dated, albeit briefly, came to my dorm room in a chain maille shirt, combat boots and a long black skirt. Yes, seriously. I know you non-geek cheerleader types are wondering what the heck I'm talking about (seriously, why are you reading this anyway? go click on some "fashion tragedies at the Oscars" story or something), but to any girl who shops at Hot Topic or knows what a Level 25 Balrog is, Goth dudes in black skirts are pretty freakin' hot.  

So without further ado, I present a selection of hunky, kilted eye candy captured at last weekend's Arizona Scottish Gathering and Highland Games at the Irish Cultural Center in downtown Phoenix.


That's the longest kilt I've ever seen!! Guess it's true what they say about Scotsman being blue ribbon winners. Wink, wink.


Turns out the dude on stilts is a Kiwi -- as in person from New Zealand, not the fruit -- comedian named Rusty Balls. Rusty. Balls. Get it? He's a natural redhead...


The caber toss, wherein a crazy person in a kilt tosses a giant telephone pole, is a traditional Scottish sport. It's origin is debated, but some historians think that it was used as a test to see which men were the strongest and most... Wait. You can't stop looking at the unfortunate angle of the photo, can you? Yes, this kilted caber tosser is clearly enjoying his "sport." 


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Guy in black kilt and combat boots = geek-hot.


Guy in black kilt and combat boots with elf ears, bloody fangs and a giant sledgehammer = creepy stalker you met on MySpace.


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A bald Scot with a huge instrument. Eh, ladies??


Purple hair, purple kilt. Move over, Stacy and Clinton, 'cause here's a man who knows how to color coordinate.


Finally, I get to look a guy straight in the eyes and say "nice set of pipes you got there." Ah...sweet revenge.

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Kilts are skirts. And it seems to me that we are facing a rebel-ution in kind of dressing for men. Finally! And why not skirted? Th skirt was mainly the wardrobe for men in past, it is it still for more than 50% of all men on earth today, so what. I think like William James said that a great number of people think they are thinking when merely rearranging their prejudices.

There is nothing wrong with men in skirts, their just showing up with brave and courage, just great!

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