, Combichrist, Religious Rockers and More Over the Weekend

Jonathan McNamara's West Valley Invasion
Party crasher Benjamin Leatherman spent Friday, January 24, boozing it up with The Dirty's Nik Richie at Hurricane Bay in the West Valley before saying hello to Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie at Jilly's in Chandler...slide show


Top 10 Musicians Turned to Religion 

In this week's music feature, Martin Cizmar analyzes former Puff Daddy protégé Mase and his move from spitting rhymes to rapping for God. We couldn't help but wonder what other musicians have left it all behind for their faith. Let's look at the list...slide show


Combichrist at Marquee Theater
It's always tough to watch a band you admire jump the shark. Regardless, it's pretty common to see bands make creative choices that forever remove them from the realm of the cool and send them hurtling on inescapable trajectories toward gimmicky stagnation or even downright mediocrity...full story and slide show

Your Chance to Play Tempe Music Festival

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