The Sail Inn Returns

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I've got some great news for the Valley's hippie crowd or anyone who's a fan of jam rock: The Sail Inn is coming back from the dead.

The infamous Tempe dive and music venue located on Farmer Avenue will re-open its doors next Friday with a three-day blowout. 

Owner Gina Lombardi recently told me the weekend-long fete will
feature performances by many of the same jam bands who made the place a
fave hangout for granola munchers and tie-dyed types, including Mojo
Farmers, Xtra Ticket, and The Noodles. (Click here for the full
schedule of who's performing).

Lombardi originally closed the bar at the end of 2005 and became part owner of nearby club The Loft, bringing with her many Sail Inn regulars in the process. She parted ways with the Mill Avenue nightspot last summer, however, after the other owners of the Loft wanted to transform the place into the kinky Whip Lounge.

Since the Sail Inn's old location was unoccupied (a danceateria called Trax had taken over the spot in the interim but eventually fizzled out), Lombardi decided to resurrect her old joint, albeit after a complete renovation.

"I had to do a bunch to get this place in shape again. I took out all the stripper poles and dancer cages the Trax people had put in there," she says. "I'm gonna have a lot of classy couches, guitar-shaped tables, a much better sound system, new bathrooms, and an outdoor bar. It's 10 times better than the old Sail Inn was."

In addition to bringing back bands like Xtra Ticket and The Noodles, Lombardi is also planning on booking a wider variety of musical acts this time around, including Antedote and other members of the backpack hip-hop scene.

Here's a YouTube clip of The Noodles performing "Iko Iko" at the Sail Inn a few years back.

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