Happy Birthday to the Pedo Poet

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Where were you this past Sunday? Let me guess. Parked in front of the big-screen with a handful of friends, a few cases of beer and some chips and bean dip (or if you're really elite, a veggie tray). The hubby and I were busy hunting down a cheap-ass copy of Edgar Allen Poe's collected works, after a night of being bombarded by bizarre renditions of The Raven, Eldorado, The Telltale Heart and other classics. 


We scored a handsomely-bound anthology from the clearance racks at the Borders off Ray Road in Chandler for less than $10, about the same time cheers erupted from a nearby sports bar. Yes, we're geeks. 


But we're not alone.



Saturday Night's Poe Show, a macabre fiesta put on by local lit group Anthology, Inc. in celebration of Poe's 200th b-day, was completely sold out. The dude was rumored to be a drunk, a drug addict, a pedophile -- although his marriage to a 13-year-old cousin makes that last one kind of a fact -- but we geeks overlook that because he fathered modern detective fiction, horror and, well, Gothic poetry that isn't all effing emo.  Photos and more on the jump.

A few of the grand highlights included:


Four older women leaving in a huff after comedy "band" (and I use that term very loosely) Nightwolf's Danzig spoof. Amazingly, hearing jokes about Satanic cults and watching two dudes fondle each other, er, wrestle on the floor didn't appeal to the denture-wearing crowd. The rest of the audience giggled as former Mormon missionary Ryan, in a "Got Jesus?" shirt, play-acted as a raging Christian killing the evil Danzig. Ah, the irony.



Local performance artist Trish JusTrish getting visibly disturbed when her audio cue never came. Luckily, us nerds are good with that audio-visual stuff, so she was back in action by the second half, sewing herself into a cool fluttering angel-wing robe to the cacophonous sountrack of 3 simultaneously performed Poe poems.


With all the sensory overload and weird imagery, it was like acid-tripping while at a Poe reading, minus the potential side effects. Sweet!



Speaking of sweet, the adorable Brandy Lintecum in her lacy babydoll dress and hair ribbon actually made listening to The Bells bearable, even if she did remind us all of Poe's child bride. Eew. But hey, everyone married their young cousin back then, right? Anyone? Hello??


The Masque of the Red Death as portrayed through movement by Arcana Collective, with narration by Grand Avenue Live host Kevin Patterson was a knockout. Maybe it was the way they managed to condense an annoying lengthy story into about five minutes of cool visuals. Or maybe it was the sexy half-naked babes. Either way, totally worth seeing.



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