Local Musician The Wiley One to Join Dennis Rodman at Super Bowl Bash

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Tempe-based music artist The Wiley One has been booked to perform at the "Jocks That Rock Super Party" in Tampa, Florida on Friday, January 30. The Wiley One's newest album, No. 7 Kid, was released on Sun Dawg Records last year, and serves up a well-wrought mix of ska, hip-hop, and folk, with a stylish troubadour touch that the ladies seem to love.

Good thing, too, as there will be plenty of slammin' hotties at the Jocks That Rock Party, including adult film star Delilah Strong. Additional live music comes courtesy of Identity Crisis, Emcee Criterion, and DJ Choice One.

wiley one.jpg 
The Wiley One

The party's hosted by basketball bad boy Dennis Rodman, so god knows what will happen. Anything could. One thing's for sure, though -- the Valley's own The Wiley One will be representing music from our great desert metropolis in Tampa, where the Arizona Cardinals will play for the greatest title in football.

Check out music and video from The Wiley One at his MySpace page.

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