Night Train: Priest Drive/Washington (Stop #19)

Where: Draw 10 Lounge (5444 E. Washington St., 602-273-1061) which is only a half-mile west of the station accessible in 15 minutes by foot. 

Drink: 32-ounce "mega" mugs of draft beer. Get yours for the tidy price of 4.50 for domestics like Coors Light, Miller Lite, and Bud Lite and $5.75 for Blue Moon, Samuel Adams, Killian's, and Fat Tire. 

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Scene: Draw 10 is a sports bar in the third degree, as evidenced by the numerous pennants and posters for local teams like the Suns and D'Backs lining the walls. Countless sports fanatics gather here (and are usually clad in the jerseys of whatever ball squad they've sworn their undying allegiance to) and obnoxiously cheer and holler their support their boys. You probably wouldn't want to diss on their favorite teams, but at least can enjoy some male bonding over a few monster 32-ounce mugs the size of a Big Gulp containing one of many draft beers on tap. It's also a bit of a hike to get to Draw 10 from the station (as its mostly corporate offices and industrial parks around this part of town), but after a few mugs of brew, we guarantee your feet won't be achin' that much. --Benjamin Leatherman

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