Night Train: Central/Washington (Stop # 13)

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Where: Copper Door Restaurant and Bar at The Hotel San Carlos (202 N. Central Avenue). Jump off the train and head East on Central toward the historic Hotel San Carlos. It should take you about two minutes on foot. 

Drink: The Humphrey's Palm Room Mojito. Bacardi Razz combined with fresh black raspberries, mint and sugar cubes makes this a mojito worth diving into. One of these babies will set you back $8. 

Scene: Copper Door is one of the more upscale stops on our tour of depravity. Take in the ambience while drinking a Palm Room Mojito and then consider this: a dip in the Hotel San Carlos' roof top pool. Yeah, we know it's winter but you're going to be so blitzed by the time you make it this far that you're alcohol coat will keep you warm in the pool's frigid waters. Don't forget your floaties. -- Jonathan McNamara

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