Night Train: 24th Street/Washington (Stop #16)


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Where: The Chevron Station located just West of the stop and about two minutes on foot. 

Drink: Grab 24 ounce can of Budweiser for $2.09. It's the official beer of gas station drinking (as far as we're concerned) and what the hell, grab a moon pie too. Microwave action is a necessity. 

Scene: There's terribly little in the way of bars around this stop. What there is in abundance is greasy, hang-over prevention in the form of Carl's Jr., McDonald's, and Rally's. Pop a cold one from the gas station just to keep your buzz going and fill up on some fast food calories. You're nearly half finished with the pub crawl at this point which means it's time to start thinking about not having a pounding headache tomorrow. 

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