Local singer Lincis Makes Darfur Video

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By Martin Cizmar

Local photographer and musician Elliot Lincis is doing what he can for the people of Darfur, the region of Sudan that’s been the scene of bloody conflict since 2003. He’s recorded a song called “Never Again,” an old school “We Are The World” style anthem that features the almost implausibly earnest singer with several Lost Boys of Sudan.

MyStudio Videos

The video is also pretty interesting, made at the new MyStudio video recording studio at Scottsdale Fashion Square mall. MyStudio is a self-contained high definition interactive audio/video recording studio designed for installation in shopping malls and other high traffic areas. The video Lincus made looks a little clip-arty at times, with a parade of images crawling across the green screen behind him, but is super crisp and pretty impressive. For $20, you can do one of your own.

But, of course, this is more about the message than the medium.

"I wrote this song to bring about awareness to the plight of those in Darfur. I was guided to meeting all of these talented artists and everything has fallen into place," states Elliot. "The owners of the MyStudio have supported this project from the beginning and they want to show how their creation can be used to bring awareness to important social issues."

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