Political Satire Videos Become Big Viral Hits for Local Production Companies

Categories: Up On Sun

By Niki D’Andrea

Saturday Night Live has some funny political parodies, but the revitalized sketch comedy show isn’t the only place to find some election-time chuckles. A Phoenix-based production company called Synthetic Human has gotten in on the action, with a political satire video titled “I’m Voting Republican.” The video’s been a viral hit for Synthetic Human -- a company helmed by Phoenix New Times freelance photographer Giulio Sciorio -- netting more than 4.2 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube in June:

In response to “I’m Voting Republican,” another Valley-based production company, VerticalBlu, made this video, titled “I’m Voting Democrat”:

Both videos are funny and make some salient points. Of course, we won’t tell you whether to vote Republican or Democrat – just vote.

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