This Weekend: Bobby Fresh and Hal Sparks

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Friday July 25: Bobby Fresh Fashion Show at Cherry Lounge and Pit

"Fresh Kicks Fresh Tits." That's what it says on the back of this Bobby Fresh T. You've got to give it to the man; he's got no problem shoving his urban-inspired designs all up in your face.

Looking for some funky fresh fasion? Check out Mr. Fresh's fashion show tonight at Cherry Lounge and Pit (get it?).

For more information, read "T Time" by Lilia Menconi

Saturday July 26: Hal Sparks at The Comedy Spot

Think there's more to Hal Sparks than cameo appearances in Spider Man 2 and hosting Talk Soup? I suppose anything is possible.

Find out for yourself as Sparky brings his stand up to The Comedy Spot.

For more information, read "Good in Small Doses" by Julie Seabaugh

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