Raising Terrazona: Check out these clips from some of Phoenix's hottest hip-hop acts

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By Niki D'Andrea

Get your A'z up, Phoenix. We're doing it now. (photo courtesy of Justus)

In conjunction with this week’s cover story on Phoenix’s hip-hop scene, "Raising Terrazona," we’re putting a media blitzkrieg up here that highlights some of the hottest hip-hop acts in our great desert metropolis. Below, you’ll find links and embedded videos from some of Terrazona’s best. Consider it proof of an impending Southwest hip-hop explosion.

Hot Rod
This Phoenix MC recently signed to 50 Cent’s G-Unit label. Visit his Web site at www.younghotrod.com, and check out the video below, which also features some cameos from Fiddy.

Hot Rod (feat. Mary J. Blige): “Be Easy”


Willy Northpole
Northpole recently signed to Ludacris’ Disturbing Tha Peace imprint on Def Jam records. Visit www.myspace.com/willynorthpole and get a feel for his talent from the song below.

Willy Northpole: “I Get Money (freestyle)”


Juice is signed to The Game’s Black Wall Street label. Check out www.myspace.com/juice for the 411.

Juice: “Welcome to My Hood”


The Society of Invisibles
This hip-hop collective has a deal with Babygrande records. We also covered ‘em in our August 3, 2006 issue (“High Society”).

The Society of Invisibles: “Watching You”


Pokafase’s deal with Artist Direct may have fizzled when the company folded, but he’s still one of the Valley’s fiercest MCs. Visit www.myspace.com/pokafase.

Pokafase: “Me and the Mic”


SOL Camp
Phoenix’s premier Latin hip-hop group, SOL Camp eschews the reggaeton sound for a more traditional take on hip-hop. Visit www.myspace.com/solcamp

SOL Camp: “In the Cut/Anthem”


Roca Dolla
Formerly known as Mr. Iroc, Roca Dolla’s been bringing his urban sound to the city for more than 16 years, via his 5Fith Coast Records label. Visit www.5FithCoast.com.

Roca Dolla: “I Am/Swell”


One of the Valley’s first MCs to make an appearance on MTV (Made in 2006), Atllas continues to blaze a trail through Phoenix, most recently through a deal with Rawkus Records. Visit www.atllasonline.com.

Atllas: “Hood Famous”


Tha Formula
Consisting of brothers J-Shwag and Lifted, Tha Formula won the Phoenix New Times Summer of Sound series’ hip-hop category last year and recently signed to Roca Dolla’s 5Fith Coast Records. Visit www.myspace.com/thaformula.

Tha Formula: “Turn That/Movement”


A member of Phoenix’s Man Up Squad (along with Hot Rod, Willy Northpole, and Jiggalo), Cinque continues to release his own records and generate a large amount of buzz. Visit www.myspace.com/lottachedda.

Cinque: “Eyes Can See”


MC Magic
The founder of NB Ridaz, MC Magic was recently chosen by Vibe magazine as the best MySpace hip-hop artist out of Arizona. He consistently occupies the top two spots on MySpace’s list of Latin hip-hop artists, with his solo page in the #1 spot, and NB Ridaz at #2. Visit www.magicaz.com

MC Magic: “All My Life”


This half-Pakistani MC has garnered attention for his controversial, politically-charged lyrics. Check out our 2006 cover story on Grime, “Rappin’ Radical.”

Grime: live freestyle


Drunken Immortals
A fully instrumental hip-hop collective, Drunken Immortals has been releasing records on its own label, Universatile Music, for more than six years. Its members are regular participants in the Blunt Club hip-hop weekly. Visit www.drunkenimmortals.com.

Drunken Immortals: “Desert Music”


Known for both his mic skills and his producing skills, Intrinzik’s been making noise in the Valley with a slew of artists, from the late Proof of D12 to Separated at Birth. Read our story, “Big in Japan,” to learn more.

Intrinzik: “WannaBe”


Armenian MC Apollo’s moving to Prescott, but the poetry lover penned this ode to the Phoenix hip-hop scene. Visit www.myspace.com/mcapollo.

Apollo: “Phoenix Tale”


Perhaps Phoenix’s most controversial rap group, Woodpile is signed to C-Bo’s West Coast Mafia Records. Read about the controversy surrounding these ex-cons here.

Woodpile: “Lobsters and Pasta” (live)


Touted as the city’s most promising fully instrumental group, Antedote incorporates a wide variety of sounds into its grooves. Visit www.antedoteband.com.

Antedote: live at Trax


Cut Throat Logic
CTL’s been in Phoenix for more than ten years, and has a new album coming out in the next few months. Next month, one-half of the CTL MC’s, Justus, will release his first solo album, Born Justus. Visit www.myspace.com/cutthroatlogic.

Cut Throat Logic: promo video


One-half of Cut Throat Logic, Justus is preparing to launch his first solo album. Take a peek at what's coming with the trailer below, which contains footage of Justus' "Get Your A'z Up" video.


Word on the street is that C-Thug just got a sweet deal with Warner Brothers. Do a search for his name on YouTube, and you could catch a clip of him rapping in his kitchen.

Gonzoe feat. C-Thug: “Hustlaz 4 Life”


AZ Mike Mill
Known as one of the old school gangsta MCs in the PHX, AZ Mike Mill is currently serving a nine-year prison sentence for three drug charges. There used to be information on how to contact him on his record label’s site, www.bigfeve.com, but that site’s now defunk, so the best we can do is offer up the video below.

AZ Mike Mill: “What Up Doe”

Hot hip-hop weeklies in Phoenix:

Groove Candy: Every Wednesday at The Door in Scottsdale. Hosted by Power 98 radio personality Karlie Hustle, with old school hip-hop and neo soul spins from DJ M2.

Blunt Club: Every Thursday at Club Red in Tempe. Hosted by Emerg McVay, with regular appearances by members of Drunken Immortals.

Gallery Blue: Every Tuesday at Stray Cats in Tempe. Hosted by resident DJs Reflekshin and Emgee of Wild Life Refuge and featuring performances by local and touring hip-hop artists.

Raising Arizona: Every Wednesday at the Lucky Devil in Tempe. Hosted by resident DJs Dirty Napz and Ether One (from the Feeblez), with guest hip-hop artists appearing weekly.

Topp Notch Entertainment’s Hip-Hop Night: Every Thursday at J-Heads in Phoenix. Featuring DJ Kavi, as well as performances by a number of local hip-hop artists such as Mega Man and Fetti Profoun. On the first Thursday of the month, Topp Notch also hosts the Southwest RapStock, featuring more than 30 hip-hoppers.

The Era: Fridays at The Hidden House in Phoenix. Hosted by resident DJs DJs Al Page, Soulman, and KGB, with occasional gigs from guest hip-hop artists like the Insects.

Web sites for Phoenix hip-hop:


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