Future Shock: King Diamond, Jonathan Davis, Nile, and more

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By Benjamin Leatherman

Spandex tights? Check. Can of Aqua Net? Got it. Copy of Ratt’s Invasion of Your Privacy on vinyl? You betcha. Sounds like you’re locked and loaded for this week’s edition of Future Shock, which focuses on the often-outrageous genre of heavy metal. From dank and dirty death rock to glass-shattering superstars who’re known for their screaming talents, we’ve put together a list of some of the “just announced” concerts from a multitude of metal acts that will be visiting the Valley in the upcoming months. So strap on your leather pants, knock back a few cans of Schlitz, and get ready to rock out with your cock out.

King Diamond
With supporting acts Kreator, Leaves Eyes, and Cellador
Thursday, May 1, 2008, 6:30 p.m.
Marquee Theatre in Tempe
Tickets are $24 pre-sale, $26 day of show (on sale now, visit www.luckymanonline.com)

It doesn’t get any more metal than the legendary King Diamond, as the Danish rocker illustrates all the extreme stereotypes of the genre, whether he’s wielding a microphone made of femur bones, slapping on the face paint, or killing your eardrums with his high-decibel falsetto shrieking (“Grandma/Take a look/What do you think of the house and
the silvery moon?”). Mr. Diamond (a.k.a. Kim Bendix Petersen) also may or may not be a follower of Satanism (depending on what you read), so make sure you bring both a crucifix and some earplugs to the show.

Random fact: In Kevin Smith’s 2006 film Clerks II, the characters of Randall and Jay spontaneously break out into a hilarious rendition of King Diamond’s signature song, “Welcome Home.”

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