This Week - Who Cares at the Blunt Club

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By Brendan Joel Kelley
If you haven't seen the boys in Who Cares - the Reno based hip-hop/jazz trio that includes MC Borg One, Rhodes piano player Maximus McMaster, and sax player Jamal Tarkington - you're in for a treat this Thursday night when they hit up the Blunt Club (you can read more about Who Cares here). The band not only makes great flyers like the one above, more importantly it creates some of the smoothest, most heartfelt, downtempo hip-hop that you'll hear played live. The last time the three played the Blunt Club, it turned the ordinarily rambunctious party night into a smoky jazz-club like atmosphere, with Tarkington's wailing sax carrying everyone to a different dimension (of course, I was pretty stoned at the time, which I highly recommend - it is called the Blunt Club).

The band is based out of Reno and Sacramento, but maintains a strong Arizona connection, which is definitely a blessing for us. If you haven't heard Who Cares, check out the tracks below, and I'll see you Thursday night at Hollywood Alley - and if you can't make it on Thursday night, Who Cares will be at the Hidden House on Friday night with the Insects.

Who Cares - "The Scarecrow and the Magpie"

Who Cares - "The Winter Came Back"

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