Smobbed Up Hip-Hop

Categories: Up On Sun

By Brendan Joel Kelley
I was going to grace you with some fresh new music today, being released tomorrow, but after wrestling with the internet for a while I found out that my capacity to upload and share music with you is temporarily hindered. Nonetheless, if you dig local and indie hip-hop, you should head to the Sets in Tempe tomorrow to scope out Zion I with Tajai (from Souls of Mischief), as well as local cats the Smob, who are releasing their first album, I Hate Your Face, which has guest appearances by Spice 1, Tajai, and Eligh. The Smob, which is 4 dudes and a girl with a pretty voice, throws down pretty impressively on the debut, which is why I wanted to share a couple of songs with you - next time perhaps. Meanwhile, check out the group's Myspace page (linked above) to hear some Smob tunes, and meet me at the show.

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