The Smob, As Promised...

Categories: Up On Sun

By Brendan Joel Kelley
My technical difficulties now resolved, here are the tracks I promised to give you from the Smob's just-released-last-night album I Hate Your Face. Fresh off of a triumphant release party last night at the Sets with Zion I and Tajai sharing the bill, I'm about to go meet Kreecher, Stoic, 1IB, Miss J, and Mince shortly for some afternoon beers - you'll read about the results of that soon enough. Meanwhile, enjoy the tracks and let me know what you think of 'em.

And, with my ability to share music with you freshly restored, expect to hear a lot more shortly.

The Smob - "Move Around"

The Smob - "Mad Man Diary (featuring Elijah)"

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