Mo' Metal: John Wayne Jefferson

Categories: Up On Sun

By Brendan Joel Kelley
If you saw my column this week, you might wonder exactly what a guitar/drums/vocals metal three piece like John Wayne Jefferson sounds like. You can find the answer below, although you should be warned that the songs come off much better live and the production on the demo these are taken from leaves a lot to be desired. But, should you wish to see the live incarnation, you can do so this Saturday, June 2, at a house party in Tempe. It's called the Sesame Street Saturday Shindig, at 213 E. Sesame St in Tempe, starts at 2 pm, and costs just two bucks. Other bands on the bill include Attack of the Giant Squid, Porches, Data Storm, Slut Sister, I Wish I, An Aesthetic, and Regan MacNeil (who are also mentioned in this week's column).

John Wayne Jefferson - "Caesarian Exorcism"

John Wayne Jefferson - "The Prowler"

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