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the Brothers Bell
Today I'm talking with brothers Mike and Jared Bell, aka the Lymbyc Systym. The duo's on the verge of releasing its first LP for Mush Records, already home to avant-weirdos and ethereal experimentation from artists like Clouddead, Her Space Holiday, Aesop Rock and more. The LP, which will be released later this month, is called Love Your Abuser, and it's a simply beautiful collection of ten instrumental pieces that ebb and flow like moods.

You'll be able to read more about the Bell bros and their voyage to Mush Records and more later this month in my column, Revolver. Mike's recently relocated to Austin, TX, which splits the group for now, and the upcoming tour doesn't include any Arizona dates as of yet, but you can definitely expect to see the Lymbyc Systym in the not-too-distant future.

On Love Your Abuser (a couple sample tracks are posted below), Jared uses vintage keyboards and effects to build lush soundscapes around Mike's programming and drumming, along with guest spots from the Album Leaf's Jimmy Lavalle and Dylan Christy of the Dylan Group and Mice Parade. Theirs is a chemistry that's likely limited to brothers, as you'll hear.

"Idle Wires":

"Pittsburgh Left":

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