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Dumperfoo on the Canvas
Hmmm, having two separate bomb-ass birthday parties, one in L.A., one here in the 'Nix, seems a little bit ambitious, but if there's one dude in town who can pull it off its Blunt Club impresario and artistic wunderkind Adam "Dumperfoo" Dumper.

This post is to give you a heads-up, because if you want to hit the L.A. party you might need some planning time. That shit's on Wednesday, January 17, at a club called Safari Sam's on Sunset Blvd, and features the turntablist stylings of none other than Cut Chemist, along with DJ Mahf, Goldenchyld, Scott White and DJ Saucey. Few folks can throw records down like Chemist can, so if you can make it, I suggest you do.

The second party is, of course, at the Blunt Club the very next evening (at Hollywood Alley in west Mesa), where the double-J attack of J Boogie and J-Cut join the residents Tricky T and Hyder. You ought to know already, there's nothing else like the Blunt Club around, it's the most poppin' underground hip-hop night around, five years running. If you need proof, scope the video below of Public Enemy's appearance in early December. Recognize...

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