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Luke & Danny of North Side Kings
I spent last night listening to the punk rock go down at BANNED in Tempe!, listening to DJ's Alvin, Nate Dogg and Cro-Mag throw down the dope shit at the Stray Cat (which you'll be able to read more about in my column in a couple of weeks). Tyler King, local hardcore scenester and contributor to the '06 Pandemic Poll, was rocking the Lynchburg lemonades for me while I caught up with Pat from Bring Your Own Weapon and Nate from North Side Kings.

It was the first time I'd seen Nate since viewing the new NSK video for "Thugcore" off of the upcoming Suburban Royalty album (which the aforementioned Nate Dogg is dropping on vinyl on his May Cause Dizziness Records imprint). The video's pretty hilarious; "Boston Eric" Matthews is seen waking up and smacking his alarm clock, while a grip of hardcore scenesters make appearances as well. Darin and his Feedback Video Magazine crew did a pretty damn good job for what was obviously made on a tight budget. Check it...

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