Punk Rock?

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If the answer is yes, then you have a fruitful few days ahead of you. Tonight, at the Stray Cat in Tempe you've got none other than the Danzig-killer Danny Marianino of North Side Kings DJing (yeah, this is almost as weird as Vince Ramirez from Flathead learning to scratch). Some North Side Kings songs are here. I would expect the set to be heavy on Information Society, the BeeGees, Placebo, and Scissor Sisters... but you might hear some punk rock and hardcore as well, if not some very bald, aggressive emo.

After you get your fix of thugcore Danzig-bashing DJism, get some sleep before Friday's Skullcracker show at the Big Fish Pub (aka the contender for worst venue ever, how they get these shows I'll never know). Skullcracker's joined by Last Action Zero's, Chip Hanna, Johnny Blood and the Transfusions, Rotten Youth, and One Bullet Left for this five dollar chunk of punk. And, 'cause we like you, here's a couple of Last Action Zero's songs to hold you over...

"Enemies": http://media.newtimes.com/id/175381/

"Skrew You Guys": http://media.newtimes.com/id/175383/

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