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deep fried squid
For the last couple of months - since this blog began, really - I've been harassing my fellow hard-drinker Tony Patino of Attack of the Giant Squid to leak me some preview tracks from the as-yet-untitled album the band's been working on. If you don't know, the Squid is an improvisational, instrumental, freakazoid, Mars Volta-ish outfit that's about the most exciting band in town right now. But the bastards insist that they're not ready; they've got nothing for me; just wait, and they'll get me something...

But I got tired of waiting, so I've culled this film, scored by Attack of the Giant Squid, from their archives - just to give you a taste. The film is called The Dynamics of Progress, directed by Nick Bain. It seems a bit non-sequitor to me, but then again, so's the Squid's music, so it's a logical match. The new album is due out any time now, keep your eyes on this blog to hear a release date and get your hands on some preview tracks. In the meantime...

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