'06 Pandemic Poll - William Fucking Reed installment

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Today's edition of the 2006 invite-only Pandemic Poll of local artists and music scene players features the inimitable William Fucking Reed, who carries with him a list of impressive credits: DJ/promoter for both Shake! at the Rogue and Pretty Vacant at Anderson's Fifth Estate, radio DJ for the Last Broadcast on FREE FM, and music editor of Java Magazine. Here's William's take on the year that's almost history...
William Fucking Reed, the Gorillaz incarnation

Top 10 for 2006...

Dirty Pretty Things
Waterloo To Anywhere

The quintessential English rock and roll album of the year. Now the
world knows The Libertines' success wasn't all just Pete Doherty.

Babyshambles (tied with Dirty Pretty Things)
Down In Albion
Rough Trade

Pete Doherty is a musical genius and he's tappin' the most notorious
supermodel of today.

The Fratellis
Costello Music

The best indie rock to come out of Scotland this year.

XL Recordings

Best instrumental album of the year. Hands down.

Every Move A Picture
V2 Records

America's best new disco-punk band of 2006 (and nobody fucking knows it
because their PR camp at V2 Records stinks)

The Looks
Last Gang

The hottest remix duo of 2006, period.


Stoner rock throwback to Sabbath, what's not to like?

The Sounds
Dying To Say This To You
New Line Records

Swedish indie-punkers have created a flawless album that is pure pop but
still rocks.

White Rose Movement

Filling the void The Faint left after Danse Macabre.

The Rakes
Capture Relase

These fashion forward east London hipsters picked up where Bloc Party
and Franz Ferdinand left off. They'll also kick your ass in any
on-stage dance contest.

She Wants Revenge
The closest thing today's' Gen X'ers will get to Joy Division.

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