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Jack Ripper
A couple of nights ago I hit up a private company party (some masonry outfit, i was just crashing it for the buffet & drinks), and witnessed this kid who calls himself Jack Ripper annihilate his guitar, giving Hendrix's "Star Spangled Banner" a run for its money, busting out Tony Iommi and Randy Rhoads riffage. The kicker is, he's ten freaking years old. Local omnipresent bass maestro Paul "PC" Cardone was rocking out with him, with Chocolate Fountain frontman D.L. on the drums. Even after his set was over, the Ripper was toting around his mini-flying-V guitar kicking out unamplified solos. Have no doubt, ten years from now (or sooner) this kid's gonna be a metal god. You can check him out on November 17 at Cooper'stown with the local band Kraised.

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Jack Ripper is the hottest person ever alive!!!!!!!!!I wouls so bang him anyday!For 11 years old he's not just pretty good he's the best!!!!You have to give him props for being able to play at that age man.if he's this good now,imagine how good he's gonna be when he's older!

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