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Still Alive
Speaking of trite, I really couldn't come up with a better title for this blog post; you'd think I'd have learned more Espanol in my eleven years in Arizona... but I digress. I just got my hands on the latest release by Still Alive, a reggaeton group from Cali, Colombia that's signed to Phoenix label Patron Records. The album's called Un Nuevo Estilo, which sounds like it means "a new style" to my ears, but the press release says it means "a style of our own." Whatever. From where I sit, I'm happy to hear about a local label reaching beyond borders to find hot new shit. And this Still Alive outfit is pretty hot shit. Sounds right up Power 98.3's alley to me. It's not straight up Daddy Yankee style reggaeton; it's got the rumba going on, a little more salsa stylistics. Here's the first single, "Lady," and a bonus track to get jiggy with.


"Chichon Remix":

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Dope   in Phoenix az allways looking for new artist

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