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Jared and Michael Bell are the Lymbyc Systym
Jared and Michael Bell, the brothers who make the pretty noises in Lymbyc Systym, are about to drop the band's first album on the influential Mush Records label, home also to avant-beatmakers and MC's like cLOUDDEAD, Aesop Rock, Jel, Odd Nosdam, and Her Space Holiday. That's some pretty impressive company for these local boys who make indie-electro-instrumental-folktronica sorta stuff on their laptops and keyboards. Fresh off of a tour with the Album Leaf, the boys are preparing a release party on December 16 at Modified arts for the album, entitled Love Your Abuser, with Asleep in the Sea and Metrognome opening up. In the meantime, since I know you can't wait, the boys hit me off with a few preview tracks...

"Astrology Days":

"Truth Skull":

"...So We Can Sleep":

How to Find the Real Limbic System

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