10 Best Concerts to See in Phoenix This Weekend

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Art Meza
Marisa Rondstadt, who's playing Last Exit Live on Saturday, October 25.

There's a little bit of everything this weekend, including a band called 40lb Vagina. Seemingly all the local bands you're used to seeing playing around town are up at the Apache Lake Music Festival. There is a three-day R&B and smooth jazz festival, the Arizona Jazz Festival. And there is also a giant metal show that will be taking over the parking lot near Cityscape between Jefferson and Washington.

Basically, if you find yourself alone on your couch this weekend, the problem isn't a lack of things to do.

Check our our recommendations, and browse our comprehensive concert listings for more options.

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Watch the Video of that Scottsdale Bar Fight That Led to Three Arrests

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Benjamin Leatherman
Gus' New York Pizza Lounge in Scottsdale.
Things get particularly crazy on weekend nights in Scottsdale's entertainment district when last call looms -- and we mean even crazier than its usual brand of madness.

Grab a spot on the sidewalk anywhere along Saddlebag Trail or Stetson Drive in the early hours of Saturday or Sunday and you'll witness any combination of the following as the nearby bars and clubs disgorge their clientele: stumbling pratfalls, drunken boastings, giddy shenanigans, repeated bro-downs, sexist catcalls, shouting matches, and, yes, fistfights.

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Why Judge Judy Is Paul Leary's (Butthole Surfers) Happy Place


The Melvins

Maybe the most misunderstood band still out slogging it out on tour today. Maybe (definitely) brilliant, maybe mad, always noisily rocking out some of the best heavy sludge you'll ever hear, Buzz Osborne (guitar and vocals) and Dale Crover (drums) have been the core of the band which has had many member over the years, both pre- and post-grunge. In fact, the Melvins are one of the only bands who is still intact after both helping to create a genre (and maybe a couple of lesser known genres as well), watching said genre die, and then completely transcending any expectation of what a survivor might be like.

Hopefully that wasn't a spoiler. Grunge is dead, kids, but the Melvins continue to create fantastic new and mega-heavy (and often noisy) riffage despite being non-genre specific and unafraid to take whatever chances may come their way. On their newest record, Osborne and Crover teamed up with some Butthole Surfers, bass player Jeff (JD) Pinkus and guitar player Paul Leary. The result, as you may imagine if you are familiar with either of these bands catalogues, is noisy and weird and heavy. The most beautiful thing of all, though, is this record, while drenched with the Surfers requisite uber-weirdness, this is still a Melvins record, through and through.

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The Worst Songs From Pornhub's Song Search Contest [NSFW]

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A capture from Coolio's Pornhub video
Coolio teamed up with Pornhub to release a music video earlier this year.

It's anyone's guess why the world's largest porn site is trying to get into music (maybe because no one likes paying for either?), but that's exactly what Pornhub is attempting to do. First they tried to make Coolio relevant again with a boring video featuring chicks wagging their silicon-filled breasts everywhere (this link is so NSFW that I really hope you get fired if you click it). Besides being more grotesque than arousing, Coolio seems as excited about titties as a 13-year old who just discovered Playboy. Now, Pornhub wants to bring out the 13-year old in you by hosting a songwriting contest.

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Best Concert Photographer in Phoenix: Finalist Katherine Vega

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Katherine Vega

Earlier this year, we announced a concert photography contest. We received more than 46 submissions, and a crack panel of judges winnowed down the submissions to 10 finalists. We are now introducing you to each photographer, presented in random order. Next up is Katherine Vega.

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Scary Kids Scaring Kids Singer Tyson Stevens Dies in Tucson

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Scary Kids Scaring Kids Facebook page
An publicity photo from Tyson Stevens' old band, Gilbert-based Scary Kids Scaring Kids.

Tyson Stevens, the lead singer of now-defunct Gilbert band Scary Kids Scaring Kids, has died in Tuscon. He was 29.

The news was first reported by Alternative Press Tuesday, October 21. Later that day, the Facebook page of Coma Prevail, Stevens' most recent band, confirmed the news.

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Apache Lake Music Festival Offers Phoenix Music Fans a Wilderness Retreat

Benjamin Leatherman
Dry River Yacht Club is performing at Apache Lake Music Festival this weekend.

What could be better than a beautiful lake, some great music, and the opportunity to spend a few days jamming out, fishing, and camping? For many, there isn't anything much better, and the Apache Lake Music Festival offers the opportunity to combine several different pleasure about 60 miles from Phoenix at the Apache Lake Marina and Resort on Friday, October 24, and Saturday, October 25.

The five-year-old festival is the brainchild of Brannon Kleinlein, who also owns and operates Last Exit Live in downtown Phoenix.

"This is our fifth year of putting on the festival, so we are excited about reaching that little milestone. Attendees can expect a nice diversity of music from some of Arizona's top local bands performing in a truly majestic outdoor setting," Kleinlein says. "The attendees get to enjoy lakeside camping but still have some normal everyday amenities such as indoor restrooms, full restaurant and bar, and a small convenience store to buy any needed supplies. With our outdoor Main Stage, Indoor Stage, and Acoustic Cantina, we offer three areas of live music, so there is never a shortage of live entertainment for concertgoers."

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Melvins' Frontman Sounds Off About Music, the Media, Drugs

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Mackie Osborne
The Melvins

It took Melvins frontman Buzz "King Buzzo" Osborne five minutes and 12 seconds to begin his usual tirade against the media that cover music. The last time we spoke, almost 10 years ago, he waited nearly seven minutes. Clearly, Osborne has even less time for the media -- his mile-a-minute banter notwithstanding.

"Most people who write reviews for records or talk to our band don't know what they're talking about, by and large," he says from his Los Angeles home. "They think our records are a pointless endeavor, which doesn't surprise me. If you look at what they're reviewing, it quickly becomes clear that they don't like what we're doing. Generally speaking, they don't like anything that's good.

"You've got to remember: People who write reviews are lazy," he says. "They don't know anything about music, by and large, but I can't lead them down the dark path. There's a vast array of wild, weird music. I don't really like stoner rock. I don't like bands that sound like other bands. We take our influences from bands people might not have thought of and turn them into something else.

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Phoenix Rapper Dadadoh on Why Honesty Is Best in Hip-Hop

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Frank C. Photography

After his band broke up in Virginia, Bryan Preston, better known as Dadadoh, wasn't sure what to do with himself. After visiting the Valley in July 2009, he decided to move to Tempe, despite not knowing anyone. He's been here ever since.

Yet for the next two years, Dadadoh avoided music, which is odd considering how much of a presence he's had on the local scene lately. He's unofficially helped organize Parliament shows, played djembe in Naked Pizza, rapped over Bacchus and the Demon Sluts' instrumental funk jams at Crescent Ballroom, and hosted Before the Show Live, a video series showcasing local bands like Sister Lip and Nomada. He's also produced a number of local albums, with two more on the way -- Suber's tentatively titled My Friend Suber and Mr. Uu's Chicken and Bread EP. And that's not even half of what Dadadoh has been up to.

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Closed for Business: American Junkie in Scottsdale

Benjamin Leatherman
The sign inside the new-and-improved (and currently closed) American Junkie in Scottsdale.
So much for American Junkie 2.0. The Scottsdale nightlife hangout and day-drinking hangout for football fans, which shut down for several weeks over the summer for extensive renovations, has apparently closed again. And there's been no indication if it will be reopening anytime soon.

For the last several weekends, American Junkie, which is located along 75th Street on the eastern edge of Scottsdale's entertainment district, has been completely dark on weekend nights and other periods when most other Scottsdale bars and clubs are doing brisk business, including nearby spots like Boondocks and The Lodge.

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