Madonna Announces October 22 Concert at Gila River Arena in Glendale

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Madonna is coming

Madonna will grace Glendale with a performance at Gila River Arena on October 22, as part of the Rebel Heart Tour.

Tickets go on sale March 23.

Madonna last visited the Valley in 2012, when she performed at US Airways Center, now known as Talking Stick Resort Arena.

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Neighbors to SXSR Festival: Turn It Down!

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Serene Dominic
Paper Foxes, just before the cops shut the party down.

Friday night's South by South Roosevelt festival in the older neighborhood (older as in less gentrified) went off without a hitch but Saturday night was apparently alright for fighting, as one perturbed neighbor, intent on playing Mr. Wilson to SXSR's Dennis the Menace, started complaining about the noise to police as early as 3:30 p.m. at an hour where there are probably leaf blowers carrying a higher decibel count than some of the bands playing there at South Roosevelt and Third Street in Tempe. And for Chrissakes, the show was in direct line with a Sky Harbor flight path.

Whoever this person was complaining to the police, he certainly was picking a fight with the mellowest of adversaries. Very little of the music before 7 o'clock when police shut down the festival was music anyone under 68 would find objectionable. This was hippie-hewn bar bands and jam rock, the kind that wouldn't seem out of place at a hemp festival.

Speakeasy took the stage an our later than their scheduled time and displayed nice three-part harmonies and space-rock guitar solos. On the second to last number they did an upbeat thumper that inspired the goofiest hippie mosh pit I'd ever seen. Far from getting hurt, everyone looked like they came down for a game of duck, duck goose.

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Paint Phoenix 5th Street Block Party Is the Gem of Art Detour

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Jeff Moses
Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra will perform at the Paint PHX block party.

The first Paint Phoenix In 2014 was a pretty killer event where artists gathered in downtown for three days to quite literally paint the town. But in their second go round they have decided to add in a day long block party, so artists and appreciators alike can congregate to paint the town red.

The Paint Phoenix 5th Street Block Party might be the single best event attached to the upcoming Art Detour weekend, (and full disclosure, I'm planning two of them). The organizers of the block party, which includes downtown business owners, artists, musicians, and the like really went above and beyond to showcase as much Phoenix arts culture in one day as possible.

The musical lineup is a who's who of local headliners, featuring Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, Drunken Immortals, Wooden Indian, and Pro Teens as well as Flagstaff-based Dragons. There will also be DJ performances by Just Chris, El Goonie, and Mic Cause of Drunken Immortals.

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13 Best Metal Concerts in Phoenix This March

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Jim Louvau
Korn, with our without dreadlocks, will play Pot of Gold Music Festival this month.

March in Phoenix is usually one of the most beautiful months of the year -- the transition between winter and summer is in full swing, so the weather is usually in the, oh, high 80s. For those who aren't familiar, no -- we don't have a spring season here. It just goes from three weeks of coat weather to one week of cool breezes, to five months of grueling heat. Then it just repeats.

So make sure you get suitable time outdoors, because the nights are filled with lots of heavy metal. There are a ton of great shows around town, which is why we compiled a monthly list of the best metal and hard rock concerts happening at venues around the Valley during the month of March.

There are legends like Anvil, Whitechapel, and Texas Hippie Coalition, an outdoor festival featuring Korn and Godsmack, and a local metal Annual Mustache Massacre and Metal for the Hungry event.

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Spark! Mesa's Festival of Creativity Announces Live Music Lineup

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Tis' the season for great festivals in the Valley -- and we aren't just referring to all those massive indoor and outdoor concert extravaganzas that are happening almost every weekend until the summertime. There are also events celebrating art, food, makers, and anything else of a creative nature.

That includes next month's Spark! festival at the Mesa Arts Center, a four-day fiesta from Wednesday, March 18, to Saturday, March 21, that is inspired by the elemental forces of earth, air, water, and fire and focuses on "arts, innovation, and creativity." It also features a number of performances by local musicians and bands, as well as a few exhibits of a music-oriented nature.

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Why Musicians Deserve to Get Paid

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Editor's Note: A few weeks back, we published an article titled "6 Reasons Most Musicians Don't Deserve to Get Paid." The article generated a fair bit of controversy, and to keep the conversation going, we asked local musician Henri Benard to pen a response. Here it is:

"Pay me"

Let me start by saying I am a working, professional musician and I very much enjoy my job and career path. I believe anyone with vision working for their passion for life is a productive member for their society. Everyone has their role in keeping that universal harmony in the ways we know how to best for the benefit of the "greater good." For the true musician, music isn't just a hobby; it's a way of life and an unhealthy obsession. It's like a torturous gift of the arts (if the unidentified self-martyr within will even allow me to really say that out loud comfortably), and I think that anyone who doesn't think that art provides vital services to the universe, especially music, is just wrong in so many ways. I think that some people get the common misconception that all musicians are just lazy partiers who don't really want to work. Maybe there are some in there like that, but quite simply, most are not. With that in mind, let me tell you why I feel that musicians deserve to get paid.

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8 Best Concerts in Phoenix This Weekend

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Greg Noire
Kam Franklin of the Suffers

On any given weeknight in Phoenix, at least one band covers Eric Clapton's "Crossroads" (probably without giving ASCAP a dime). The song is a blues-rock masterpiece, adaptable to the widest range of skill levels, and well known and catchy enough to please even the most mainstream of tastes.

Tuesday night I went to Lost Leaf to check out some music, and I stumbled into a killer four-piece called The Showboaters, which was playing jazzy covers of classic rock, R&B, and funk songs.

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South By South Roosevelt Takes Over Streets in Tempe and Phoenix This Weekend

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Coming to Tempe for the fourth consecutive year, South By South Roosevelt (SXSR) lands in the front yard of 919 South Mitchell this Friday hoping to create another unique experience for the local music heads as well as the occasional passerby. Seeing a renewed local interest, SXSR has expanded to two days and added another venue for the following Saturday along with a slew of hometown rockers, crooners, hula hoopers, and hand twirlers.

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5 Great New Songs By Phoenix Artists


Mitchell Hillman listens to more local music than just about anyone in the Valley. He presents his picks for best new music in his column, Right Hear, Right Now.

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Viva PHX Releases Schedule

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Janell Shirtcliff
Best Coast tops the roughly 75-band bill for Viva PHX.

Viva PHX has announced its schedule, giving a pretty complete picture of who's going to be playing where during the festival, which will all but dominate downtown Phoenix on Saturday, March 14.

Check it out.

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