Black Veil Brides Singer: Haters are "Still in High School, and I graduated."

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Black Veil Brides

Admittedly, it in the past it seemed very easy to poke fun at Black Veil Brides.

After all, when they first hit the scene, the band members looked like something out of a poor mans Motley Crue comic book, minus the enduring rock anthems. They exist in a macho metal world that often disregards them. People often wonder if these guys are a band or if this is really singer Andy Biersack's my way or the highway solo project disguised as a band. Regardless of their past these young up and comers may be turning a corner with the help of producer Bob Rock, who has worked with Metallica, Bon Jovi, Mötley Crüe, 311, and more. Their new record, IV, shows promise that they may be more than just a gimmicky rock band your 13-year old little cousin likes.

Despite the gothic James Dean look, Biersack is intelligent, witty, and is full of positivity and doesn't come across as the dictator, but actually the opposite. He gave us the skinny on working with Bob Rock and "little people with big mouths" who talk shit about his band.

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5 Best Concerts in Phoenix This Weekend

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Melissa Fossum

Darkness falls across the desert. Costumed peeps with orange drinks flirt. Phoenicians crawl in search of bands, providing entertainment for all the land. And whosoever shall be seeking musical help, should our list of parties and concerts consult.

Well, there's only so much co-opting of Vincent Price and Michael Jackson you can do before you give up and go another direction. Halloween isn't the only thing happening this weekend, and we've rounded up the best of what's happening Saturday and Sunday as well. Happy Halloween, and read this webcomic if you want to be absolutely terrified (but not if you have heart problems).

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Best Concert Photographer in Phoenix: Finalist Jim Louvau

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Jim Louvau

Earlier this year, we announced a concert photography contest. We received more than 46 submissions, and a crack panel of judges winnowed down the submissions to 10 finalists. We are now introducing you to each photographer, presented in random order. Next up is Jim Louvau.

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5 Best DJs and Bands in Metro Phoenix

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Lisa Johnson
Andrew Jackson Jihad

Last month Phoenix New Times celebrated the cream of the crop with our 36th annual Best of Phoenix edition. Here are our top picks for best DJs and bands in metro Phoenix.

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French Singer Yelle Doesn't Want to Always Sing Pop Music

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Who knows why Americans have such abhorrence to foreign languages. Someone says '¿Cómo estás?' you'll hear 'English, motherfucker. Do you speak it?' Movie spoken in some other mother tongue? Let's just have David Fincher remake it. But France's Yelle defies that, saying her native vocabulary is all she feels comfortable expressing herself. It's that kind of dedication and honesty in poppy, dance music that you don't often find.

"I really like to speak English, I do love it, but I'm so bad at it," Yelle, known by her mother as Julie Budet, tells us over Skype. "It's so hard for me to express myself clearly and find the good words to be precise and everything."

And yet, Yelle's sensibilities are truly universal. Her sound isn't cookie-cutter and her production (courtesy of producers GrandMarnier and Tepr) is wrapped in sticky, colorful plastic, stimulating in a way that doesn't feel prepackaged. On "Moteur Action" Yelle is delicate and effervescent, but she shows her dark side on the Deadmau5 vs Mellefresh-inspired "A Cause Des Garçons," while songs like "Safari Disco Club" prove Yelle has enough of a weird streak to stay ahead of the curve. And no one needs Rosetta Stone to hear that.

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10 Most Influential Punk Records of Arizona: This Is Phoenix, Not the Circle Jerks


Over the next several weeks, we will uncover the order of the 10 most influential Arizona punk rock records, complete with an in-depth look at each. But for now, we present a record that functions as a sort of honorable mention, a record that would probably have made a few people's lists, for sure. It's a highly influential number 11, if only because it is the sole compilation on the list: This Is Phoenix Not the Circle Jerks, put out by Placebo Records.

"This Is Phoenix Not the Circle Jerks was the second of three local compilation records on Placebo. The title was a spoof of an album called This is Boston Not LA, which was a compilation that had come out just prior," says Tony Victor, who ran Placebo Records and promoted the lion's share of early Phoenix punk rock shows. "The cover photo was taken at Mad Garden during a Mighty Sphincter show. The back cover was something I cut out of an old advertisement in Life Magazine. Decisions for almost all aspects of the records, shows, tours, etc., were made fast and on the go."

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Video: Linkin Park Raises $500,000 for Mesa's Cardon Medical Center

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Valley native Chester Bennington is known globally for the being in one of biggest rock bands in the world. Locally, he's become known for more than the rock anthems he creates with Linkin Park. The singer has a soft spot for children who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses and youngsters recovering from injuries. He has spent the past half-decade raising money for Mesa's Cardon Medical Center with his annual Stars of the Season charity event at Montelucia in Paradise Valley.

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17 Best Halloween Parties in Metro Phoenix

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Benjamin Leatherman
Halloween partiers in Scottsdale in 2013.
If you've spent weeks prepping the world's greatest Halloween costume and need somewhere to show it off, you're in luck. The bars and clubs of Metro Phoenix are planning to celebrate All Hallows in style and not just on Friday, October 31. Some places will be having shindigs, masquerades, and other Halloween-themed hootenannies throughout the entire weekend.

We've assembled a list of some of the biggest and brightest parties that will be taking place, including a few with blockbuster costume contests offering cash prizes of thousands of dollars or more to the winners. Needless to say, if your outfit is good enough to win, it will not only cover the cost of your costume, but also your enormous bar tab.

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The Best Concert Photographer in Phoenix: Finalist Mike Smith

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Mike Smith

Earlier this year, we announced a concert photography contest. We received more than 46 submissions, and a crack panel of judges winnowed down the submissions to 10 finalists. We are now introducing you to each photographer, presented in random order. Next up is Mike Smith.

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On 10th Anniversary of Futures, Jimmy Eat World Still Relishes the Present

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Michael Elins
Jimmy Eat World iscelebrating the 10th anniversary of their album, Futures.

Back in 2004, when Jimmy Eat World released its fifth album, Futures, singer/guitarist Jim Adkins sang in the title track that he hoped "for better in November" and that listeners would "believe your voice can mean something."

It was around this time President George W. Bush was up for re-election against Senator John Kerry. The song wasn't released as a single until the following year (Adkins says he's fine with the label's decision to release "Pain" as the lead single), and Bush took his seat again in the White House.

Despite any political swaying "Futures" could have made 10 years ago, Adkins insists that, despite the album name, he tries to live in the moment -- an attitude that has seen him through more than 20 years of playing with the band.

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