Scottsdale's 1st and Ten Kickoff Concert and Party Canceled

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Rick Ross
The 1st and Ten Kickoff Concert and Party made a big splash in September, when it was one of the first local Super Bowl nightlife events to be announced, promising a huge selection of performers and enormous crowds.

Turns out it was more of a belly flop, however.

Earlier today, the multi-day event, which was originally scheduled to take place at Scottsdale Civic Center Amphitheater this weekend, was officially canceled by its organizers after several months of lineup issues and behind-the-scenes drama.

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MarchFourth Marching Band Underwhelms at Crescent Ballroom

Melissa Fossum
It was cramped, but MarchFourth Marching Band played Crescent Ballroom last weekend. Full slideshow here.

You know what sucks the most, as a huge fan of live music, about living in Phoenix? A lot of bands that come through here don't bring their A-game, and MarchFourth Marching Band contributed to that tradition on Friday night.

To be fair, the bands' hands were tied a bit. Crescent Ballroom was really just a smidge too small for an act like M4. With the sold-out crowd packed in, the band's mascot and stilt-walkers could hardly get out into the audience without a struggle.

Don't get me wrong, the jovial 14-piece was quite a spectacle, looking like Burning Man's own marching band, with its crazy costumes, stilt walkers, and glorious horns. But watching many of them half-step on their dance moves and lazily sway up on stage to the music just made me wonder what kind of show we would be getting if we lived in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin . . . or Black Rock City.

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6 Best Concerts in Phoenix This Week

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Becky G

And it begins. One solid week where rich outsiders and big money descend on Phoenix, inflating ticket prices, creating traffic, and bringing the nation's eyes upon our sleepy little valley. All things Super Bowl don't really ramp up until Wednesday, but until then there's still plenty to do. Here are the our concert picks, and be sure to check out our comprehensive concert calendar for more options. And don't forget to check out our list of the 20 best concerts of Super Bowl week.

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10 Best One-Two Punches In Phoenix Music

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Jeff Moses
Mic Cause and Brad B of Drunken Immortals

There is no "I" in band, and there is no me either. No matter how stellar one member of a band may be, they still don't get anywhere without surrounding themselves with equally talented players. That usually means having to mesh two or more big personalities into one cohesive unit.

Sometimes that explodes in the band's face, and sometimes it works out just fine. But other times, two big personalities can mix beautifully together to make for a solid one-two punch of music and performance.

Whether coming at it from the lead role in the band, or as a solid team player, these are the best one-two punches in Phoenix.

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Alvin Brothers Breathe New Life Into Pre-War Blues and Brotherhood

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Beth Herzhaft
The Alvin brothers

Brothers Dave Alvin and Phil Alvin have made musical careers of taking what was once old and making it new again. In some cases, the two who were the creating force behind acclaimed roots rock 'n' roll band The Blasters, have also created new music that you could swear was from a by-gone era when original music was recorded on vinyl for audiences steeped in blues, country, folk and of course early rock.

Like most brothers, the two siblings, who formed The Blasters in 1979, have quarreled during the past 35 years. But in the past two years, time has healed wounds, even one that came dangerously close to having Phil meet his maker.

But a brush with death has a way of reconciling brothers. The key, then, was to find one thing they could agree on, and apparently, that was easy.

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Dark Tranquillity's Niklas Sundin Explains Why Everyone Should Be More Like Carl Sagan

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As one of the original Gothenburg (Sweden) metal bands, Dark Tranquillity offers a style of music that's few and far between. Formed in 1989 by guitarist Niklas Sundin and vocalist/guitarist Mikael Stanne, the five-piece melodic death metal act has released 10 studio albums over the years, each one substantially different then the last.

The band constantly experiments with different musical textures and vocal styles -- one album will focus on heavy growling vocals and abstract riffing, while the next centers around clean soft choruses and atmospheric keyboards. And then there's their most recent and diverse record, 2013's Construct.

The album marks the band's descent into their "darkest period" thus far, and the title refers to the negative "construct" of faith and organized religion as an excuse or safe-guard that people use to defend what they do. It's melody-driven, emotional and heavy, and lyrically focuses on a world-weary viewpoint of mankind's ignorance and bigotry, straying from the band's typical songwriting method to include contributions from basically all the members. The result is liberation from what Stanne describes as a previous struggle with writer's block.

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20 Best Concerts of Super Bowl Week

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Press Here Publicity
The Roots will perform in downtown Phoenix on Saturday, January 31.
The biggest question about Super Bowl XLIX's halftime show starring Katy Perry isn't if the pop starlet will top Bruno Mars' record-setting ratings from last year, what songs she'll sing, or even if it will be any good. Instead, the world seems focused on how she'll publicly diss Taylor Swift in front of hundreds of millions of viewers as their ongoing feud unfolds.

And, frankly, that's a little lame.

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Talib Kweli Will Perform a DJ Set at Bar Smith During Super Bowl Weekend

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sound wave music festival 2012 talib kweli z-trip.JPG
Benjamin Leatherman
Talib Kweli, right, performing with Z Trip in 2012.

If skills sold, truth be told, Jay Z would probably lyrically be Talib Kweli. Well, Talib Kweli has no choice but to be himself, and his bad self will play a DJ set at Bar Smith on Saturday, January 31, the day before the Super Bowl.

The event, put on by, will be hosted by rapper Paul Wall, whose 2005 debut album The People's Champ debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

A whole slew of other bands will perform as well, including Pennywise, Ragz, Spoolz, Yog West Wood, Pry$e Tag, and more.

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100 Places to Party in Metro Phoenix: Super Bowl Guide

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Hey there, Phoenix! We're rolling out the grassy green carpet in honor of the biggest event to hit town since - well, since the last Super Bowl rolled through. The 49th annual celebration of all things professional football promises to be the grandest yet, and Phoenix New Times has it all mapped out. From parties and Super Bowl-centric events to must-do restaurants, bars, shopping and attractions, we've got you covered.

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6 Best Concerts in Phoenix This Weekend

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Merrick Chase Photography
MarchFourth Marching Band is like watching a peyote-fueled college halftime show.

Lots of options this weekend. Check out our picks below, and browse our comprehensive concert calendar for more options.

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