The 25 Best Club Candids Photos of August

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Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
Two attendees of American Junkie's soft opening weekend.
There were a lot of things both shiny and new making a debut in local nightlife during the month of August. Spots like The King or Cowboys and Whiskey in Scottsdale opened to the clubgoing public while a few new dance nights (such as Motown on Mondays at the Crescent Ballroom) kicked things off in grand fashion.

Plus, American Junkie in Scottsdale unveiled its fresh look following taking a brief hiatus from the scene that boasts an urban art vibe and welcomed back the many college students who returned to the Valley for the new school year.

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5 Best Concerts to See in Phoenix This Week

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Remember when labor unions actually added workers to their rolls? When it wasn't considered "class warfare" for poor people to demand the government enact policies in their economic interests? Yeah, we don't either. Our plans for Labor Day include a healthy dose of pool and beer, and here are some concerts happening throughout the week to distract you from an ever-ossifying caste system of inherited wealth in the good ol' U.S.A.

Happy Labor Day, everybody!

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Pop Music Plagiarism's Worst Offenses: A History

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Epic Records
Avril Lavigne
By Luke Winkie

Nobody has written an original rock song since 1953, and the entire music industry is founded on exchanging blurry photocopies of other people's work. Sure, some art is outright plagiarism, but even when it's in a gray area, it's an opportunity for cash. Case in point: Australian psych band Tame Impala is currently fielding accusations that its song "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" rips off Argentinian singer Pablo Ruiz's "Océano." This is a song that the members of the band have likely never, ever heard. We'll see if their lawyer can make that case.

Over the years, music-plagiarism accusations have hit some of pop music's most popular artists. Here are eight of the highest-profile cases.

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Accepting Nominations: The Best Music Photographer in Phoenix

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David Accomazzo
An amateur photograph starring one of the most photogenic rock stars ever, Slayer's Kerry King

Concert photography isn't easy. While portrait and landscape photographers have the luxury of time and stable conditions, concert photographers must do their work in three-song segments, boxing out other photographers and reacting to unpredictable movements of the musicians on stage while adjusting settings on the fly to accommodate lighting changes that happen between drum kicks. It requires a tremendous combination of technical knowledge, artistic eye, and musical sense.

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15 Best Labor Day Parties in Metro Phoenix

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Benjamin Leatherman
El Hefe in Scottsdale.
So watchu got planned for Labor Day weekend? There are more than a few ways to spend all the free time that three-day holiday affords, of course, including barbecues, backyard bashes, and big-time benders.

If you happen to be keen on the nightlife scene, however, there are plenty of high-profile electronic dance music events, DJ gigs, and club parties that are scheduled to go down all three nights of LDW, from Friday, August 29, to Sunday, August 31.

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Paul "PC" Cardone on Being a "One-Man Social Network" for the Local Music Scene

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Jeff Newton
Paul "PC" Cardone: the "Mayor of Tempe" and a go-to guy in local music for more than three decades.
When the Tempe History Museum unveils its long-awaited exhibition delving into the city's storied live music past later this year, don't be surprised if there's little to no mention of Paul "PC" Cardone amongst the many displays doting on the Gin Blossoms, The Refreshments, or other local jangle-pop icons.

By all rights there should be, however, considering that the bassist and badass rock 'n' roll oracle has quietly served as an influential staple and unsung hero of Tempe music for more than 30 years.

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How One Awkward Moment Almost Ruined the Nickel Creek Concert in Mesa

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Mandi Kimes
Nickel Creek

Experiencing Nickel Creek was almost perfect. So, before I go into what ruined the show for me, I'll talk about all the things that worked so well.

If there's one thing we could all agree on it's that Ikeda Theatre was a perfect match for Nickel Creek. Even Chris Thile loved it, by mentioning how beautiful the room was. The harmonies in the Ikeda Theatre rang like a bell, you could hear each string being plucked and strummed.

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5 Best Concerts to See in Phoenix This Weekend

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Jim Louvau
Sara Robinson and the Midnight Special play Crescent Ballroom on Sunday.

We've checked out the calendar, and musically, it seems like summer is coming to end. Musically, at least. From here on out, there are a steady diet of great shows coming to town. Check out our picks below, and browse our comprehensive concert listings if you'd like more options.

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Questions Remain in Tito Torbellino's Death as One Alleged Killer Gunned by Mexican Police

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Courtesy of Celebrity Theatre
Mexican police say they shot and killed one of the murderers of Tito Torbellino.

Remember Tomas Tovar Rascon, a.k.a. Tito Torbellino, the Phoenix-born banda singer who was brutally assassinated in a restaurant in Ciudad Obregon, Mexico, in late May?

News came late July that Mexican police shot and killed one of the men responsible for the murder.

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Allred Guitars Continues Grand Avenue Vitalization


Even if it still looks a little greasy to some, Grand Avenue near downtown just keeps getting better and better, what with the addition of Grand Avenue Pizza and the recently renovated ThirdSpace restaurant and bar. Soon to join the many quirky galleries and mechanic shops is Allred Guitars & Guitar Repair, opening right behind Bragg's Pie Factory (facing McKinley) at 1301 Grand Aveune, Suite 7.

The new shop will be hosting a grand opening on this coming First Friday, September 5, from 6 to 10 p.m. There'll be refreshments and maybe even some live music. RSVP here.

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