Mikey Sarratt of Phoenix's High Noon Tattoo on Tattooing the Arizona Coyotes

Courtesy of Mikey Sarratt
Mikey Sarratt of High Noon Tattoos focuses on the traditional fundamentals of tattoos in all forms of his art.

When Mikey Sarratt was growing up, he wanted to be a hockey player. Sarratt's NHL aspirations didn't work out, but now, after a stint in semi-pro hockey, he gets to be involved with the Arizona Coyotes in a different way. He tattoos most of them.

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Meg McNiel of Phoenix's Love and Hate Tattoo & Piercing on Straight-Up Old-School Tattoos

Courtesy of Meg McNiel
Meg McNiel is one of Phoenix's most experienced and accomplished "old school" tattoo artists

When she was 13, Meg McNiel, now co-owner of Love and Hate Tattoo & Piercing in Phoenix, hand-poked a moon tattoo on her ankle in her home outside Seattle.

"I don't even know how I knew it, but I knew that if you wrapped a sewing needle in thread so just the end was exposed and dipped it in India ink, the ink would stay when you poked yourself with it," McNiel says.

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Stephanie Flannery of Phoenix's Golden Rule Tattoo on Why She Loves Pet Tattoos

Josh Chesler
Flannery is one of Central Phoenix's most popular up-and-coming tattoo artists.

Some tattoo artists specialize in Japanese-style bodysuits, while others focus on more traditional Americana pieces. Golden Rule Tattoo's Stephanie Flannery thinks those are cool and all, but she's more interested in creating tattoos of a different subject matter.

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Tony Klett of Mesa's Immaculate Tattoo on Why There's No Excuse for Bad Ink

Josh Chesler
Klett has a Raijin and Fujin Japanese-style sleeve on his left arm done by legendary tattoo artist Mike Roper.

Tony Klett has seen the growth of the tattoo culture firsthand. When Klett began his tattoo apprenticeship in 1999, there were only three tattoo shops around the portion of Ohio he lived in, now Klett says there are about 20.

"Tattooing is mainstream now. It's in everybody's face," Klett, 37, says. "Back then, the attitude was different. There were just the three shops in town, two good ones and the cheap one."

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Mark Walters of Tempe's Living Canvas Tattoos on His One Tattoo Regret

Josh Chesler
Mark Walters is one of the most highly regarded Japanese-style tattoo artists in Metro Phoenix.

Mark Walters is just another victim of the evil subject known as math.

The owner and one of the artists at Living Canvas Tattoos in Tempe didn't intend to go into tattooing, he wanted to work with his dad as an architect, but he always found himself struggling with the numbers side of the architecture business. When he began his first apprenticeship in 1987, Walters, 44, says people's views on tattoos were quite a bit different than they are today.

"It wasn't the cool thing, having tattoos or being an artist. I think celebrities, athletes, public personas getting tattoos really changed how people look at them," Walters says. "I used to go places and people would be like 'Holy shit!' because of my sleeves, now if you go somewhere and you don't have sleeves, people are surprised."

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Tempe Stylist Justin Kimberlin's Androgynous Look Is Inspired by BDSM and the Olsen Twins

Andie Flores
Justin Kimberlin rocks a modern androgynous look.

Believe it or not, Justin Kimberlin went through an Abercrombie & Fitch phase.

Don't ask him to see pictures -- the 23-year-old Nashville native burned them a long time ago. Now based in Tempe, the stylist's current look is a gender-bending parade where fear is irrelevant and freak flags fly high.

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Ashley Denton Wants Phoenix to Express Itself with Fashion -- And Be Less Judgmental

Andie Flores
Ashley Denton shows off her style in front of a neighborhood mural by Gennaro Garcia.

All of Ashley Eaton Denton's interests are beginning to come full circle.

The 28-year-old -- born and raised in Phoenix -- used to run her own mobile vintage shop and is now focusing on shaping Field & Fellow, the new fitness, vintage, art, and D.I.Y. blog she runs with her husband, Trevor. It's a lifestyle.

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ASU Student Gavin Plooster Explains His Health Goth Style

Andie Flores
Gavin Plooster's look is rooted in internet subcultures.

Gavin Plooster is highly considering going into the field of computer science.

It'd be a good fit. The 24-year-old Southern California native's life is deeply immersed in and influenced by Internet culture, from the way he thinks to the way he fashions his everyday looks.

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Tempe Artist Amiel Cruz's Colorful Style Is a Surrealist Fiesta

Andie Flores
Amiel Cruz in front of trash-turned-art in his home.

Once, while on trash duty at the Chinese restaurant he worked at, Amiel Cruz found a beautiful painting of a woman wedged between some dumpsters.

The 20-year-old kept the painting, took it home, and made it his own by placing thumbtacks through the woman's face. Cruz's eye for art and his own sense of style are very much the same: Do it yourself, do it well, and do it a little crazy.

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Bridget Lang's Style Is Inspired by Glitter, Vintage, and Rock 'n' Roll

Andie Flores
Bridget Lang loves strong females and collectible vintage items.

When 21-year-old Bridget Lang and her boyfriend walk around Phoenix, sometimes they get weird looks.

Lang, who has moved all around Arizona, says the couple just dresses a little differently. "I know people look at us funny," she says. "But if we're comfortable and happy about what we're wearing, it's all good."

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