In Megan Kaslly's Perfect World, Everyone Would Rock Vintage

Andie Flores
Megan Kaslly rocks a palm tree jumpsuit from Topshop.

Megan Kaslly frequented a lot of thrift stores growing up. The 24-year-old, who was born and raised near Seventh Avenue, knows a thing or two about the best spots around town to pick up funky vintage.

She's also got some big plans for the future of Phoenix fashion.

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Kacie North Knows Style Is About Quality, Not Quantity

Andie Flores
To Kacie North, a first impression is everything.

Kacie North does most of her shopping in Los Angeles boutiques. The Arizona State University business communications major thinks spending money at the mall is fine from time to time, but her real eureka fashion moments come when she's browsing unique pieces in local shops.

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Angela Williamson Embodies Weird Arizona Style with Bolo Ties and Boots

Andie Flores
Angela Williamson pairs vintage with new.

23-year-old Angela Williamson is very proud to be from Arizona. The Tempe native is all about representing Southwest style, but with a twist.

"I want to encompass a very eclectic version of someone who is from the Southwest," Williamson says. "I wear a lot of bolo ties. A lot of western boots and a lot of bolo ties."

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Tempe Stylist and ASU Student Azain Brito Went From Bow Ties to Basics

Andie Flores
Azain Brito keeps his look simple.

Azain Brito used to be a very patterned man.

"My motivation," he says, "was to be as loud as possible. I would wear patterned pants with a patterned button-up and throw a patterned bow-tie on top. It was very Marc Jacobs three years ago."

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Phoenix Art Museum's Casey Hagarty Emulates Effortless French Fashion on a Budget

Andie Flores
Casey Hagarty sits outside of the Phoenix Art Museum.

Accessories and high heels are impractical choices for a day in the life of Casey Hagarty.

The 27-year-old Phoenix Art Museum curatorial assistant usually sports a monochromatic uniform of black skinny jeans, boots, nice tee shirts and clean blazers. Which is great, the Phoenix native says, since she needs to be prepared for everything from seeing someone important to lifting a mannequin across a museum into a gallery.

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The Encyclopedia Show's Michelle Hill Doesn't Dress Like the Mayor's Wife -- Anymore

Andie Flores
Michelle Hill stands in the Empty Space, where the Encyclopedia Show Arizona is held monthly.

Michelle Hill's college roommates used to made fun of the way she dressed.

"At one point," the El Paso, Texas, native says, "Someone described my style as 'The Mayor's Wife.' At 19 years old, hearing that was biting, but now I see that is was also true and okay."

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Phoenix Fashion Week's Lauren Pfingstag Hunts for Designer Duds at Last Chance

Andie Flores
Lauren Pfingstag is professional and chic.

In 2010, Phoenix native Lauren Pfingstag saw an article in the newspaper about Phoenix Fashion Week.

Curious, the ASU marketing major jumped in and has been a part of the team that's been pushing Phoenix fashion-forward ever since.

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Stylist Andrew Michael Says Phoenix's Fashion Scene Is "Sort of Embarrassing"

Andie Flores
Andrew Michael knows style is all about how you carry yourself.

Phoenix native Andrew Wesson -- or as he's known in fashion, Andrew Michael -- says he didn't come into his own style until he left the city.

Now that he's back, the 26-year-old stylist is ready to make a big impact.

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Glendale Fashion Blogger Esmirna Tapia Hearts Platforms, Hates Flatforms

Andie Flores
Blogger Esmirna Tapia says she needs more stripes in her life.

Esmirna Tapia thinks it would be so cool to get paid to blog.

After attending school at FIDM and the Art Institute of Phoenix, the 25-year-old San Diego native is ready to take her love of fashion to the next level.

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"Fashion Architect" Eman Fendi Says Lululemon Is Destroying Women's Fashion

Andie Flores
Eman Fendi is all about elegance.

Native New Yorker Eman Fendi always has wanted the best of the best.

When it comes to anything luxury, pretty, or expensive-looking, she has to have it. Through her role as a "fashion architect" and full-time personal stylist, she wants to help you have the same.

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