Tempe Stylist Justin Kimberlin's Androgynous Look Is Inspired by BDSM and the Olsen Twins

Andie Flores
Justin Kimberlin rocks a modern androgynous look.

Believe it or not, Justin Kimberlin went through an Abercrombie & Fitch phase.

Don't ask him to see pictures -- the 23-year-old Nashville native burned them a long time ago. Now based in Tempe, the stylist's current look is a gender-bending parade where fear is irrelevant and freak flags fly high.

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Ashley Denton Wants Phoenix to Express Itself with Fashion -- And Be Less Judgmental

Andie Flores
Ashley Denton shows off her style in front of a neighborhood mural by Gennaro Garcia.

All of Ashley Eaton Denton's interests are beginning to come full circle.

The 28-year-old -- born and raised in Phoenix -- used to run her own mobile vintage shop and is now focusing on shaping Field & Fellow, the new fitness, vintage, art, and D.I.Y. blog she runs with her husband, Trevor. It's a lifestyle.

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ASU Student Gavin Plooster Explains His Health Goth Style

Andie Flores
Gavin Plooster's look is rooted in internet subcultures.

Gavin Plooster is highly considering going into the field of computer science.

It'd be a good fit. The 24-year-old Southern California native's life is deeply immersed in and influenced by Internet culture, from the way he thinks to the way he fashions his everyday looks.

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Tempe Artist Amiel Cruz's Colorful Style Is a Surrealist Fiesta

Andie Flores
Amiel Cruz in front of trash-turned-art in his home.

Once, while on trash duty at the Chinese restaurant he worked at, Amiel Cruz found a beautiful painting of a woman wedged between some dumpsters.

The 20-year-old kept the painting, took it home, and made it his own by placing thumbtacks through the woman's face. Cruz's eye for art and his own sense of style are very much the same: Do it yourself, do it well, and do it a little crazy.

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Bridget Lang's Style Is Inspired by Glitter, Vintage, and Rock 'n' Roll

Andie Flores
Bridget Lang loves strong females and collectible vintage items.

When 21-year-old Bridget Lang and her boyfriend walk around Phoenix, sometimes they get weird looks.

Lang, who has moved all around Arizona, says the couple just dresses a little differently. "I know people look at us funny," she says. "But if we're comfortable and happy about what we're wearing, it's all good."

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Tawnee Clifton Wants Phoenix to Have an Underground Fashion Scene

Andie Flores
Tawnee Clifton's style inspirations also include Alexander Wang and Lydia Deets of Beetlejuice.

If you look inside of Tawnee Clifton's closet, you'll find nothing but black clothing.

The 20-year-old wears black every single day, which means she not only has to get creative with her style, but she also understands the importance of a good layering piece.

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Kendra Szabo of KJZZ and 24 Maple Favors Light and Airy Style Inspired by Her Furniture

Andie Flores
Kendra sits in her new Phoenix home.

Phoenix native Kendra Szabo is a woman of many talents, with a style to match.

The 21-year-old journalism and justice studies is set to graduate from Arizona State University this month, and she's well on her way to turning her hobbies into a career.

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Phoenix Artist Zach Bootz on Ditching Denim for Slacks

Andie Flores
Zach Bootz loves graphic T-shirts done right.
Phoenix native Zach Bootz knows that the way men dress in Phoenix is very much restricted by the state's weather.

"It's easy to dress well here," says Bootz, "but a lot of people wear boat shoes and boring shorts and Ts because of the heat."

The 23-year-old has put his own spin on dressing up and dressing well every day and still manages to stay cool.

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Two Pence's Ayo Skeete Disapproves of Your Flip-Flops

Andie Flores
Ayo Skeete has done everything from jewelry to branding.

When Ayo Skeete was 10 years old, she had a make-your-own-jewelry birthday party. When she was in middle school, she made her own jewelry and sold it. In college, she began making pieces she loved and sold them in her very own Etsy shop, Ayo Femi Jewelry.

At 25, the Phoenix native has used her knowledge of branding her past jewelry business to launch a new creative studio, Two Pence.

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In Megan Kaslly's Perfect World, Everyone Would Rock Vintage

Andie Flores
Megan Kaslly rocks a palm tree jumpsuit from Topshop.

Megan Kaslly frequented a lot of thrift stores growing up. The 24-year-old, who was born and raised near Seventh Avenue, knows a thing or two about the best spots around town to pick up funky vintage.

She's also got some big plans for the future of Phoenix fashion.

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