Heard Museum to Host First Comprehensive Retrospective of American Indian Modernist George Morrison

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Courtesy of the Heard Museum
Spirit Path, New Day, Red Rock Variation: Lake Superior Landscape, 1990, acrylic and pastel on paper, 22 1/2 x 30 1/8 in. Collection Minnesota Museum of American Art. Museum Purchase.
Say what you will about modernists, they are magnets for attention in the art world. Chippewa artist George Morrison had a long and varied career that included forays into Cubism, Surrealism, and Abstract Expressionism. With work that took the form of drawings, paintings, prints, and sculptures, Morrison often explored the physical landscape in his art.

This fall, the Heard Museum will showcase Morrison's lifework in "Modern Spirit: The Art of George Morrison," a traveling exhibition organized by the Minnesota Museum of American Art and Arts Midwest with the Plains Art Museum.

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"Antonio Berni: Juanito and Ramona" at Phoenix Art Museum Is a Lesson in Marginalized Narrative

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Katrina Montgomery
Some of the monsters featured in "Antonio Berni: Juanito and Ramona"
Juanito Laguna and Ramona Montiel are fictional characters, but you can find them on Facebook. Created by Argentinian multimedia artist Antonio Berni in the 1960s to address some of the socioeconomic stresses plaguing his home country, Juantio and Ramona have since gained cult status as popular folk heros whose stories are still relevant in modern Argentina.

The Phoenix Art Museum is currently playing host to the first Berni exhibition in the U.S. in nearly 50 years. Organized by the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and Malba - Fundación Constantini in Buenos Aires, "Antonio Berni: Juanito and Ramona" contains over 100 objects that bring to life the story of these two working-class personas.

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James Turrell to Receive National Medal of Arts

Florian Holzherr
Congrats to James Turrell.
It looks like some pretty big congrats are in order for one of Arizona's own. On Tuesday, July 22, The National Endowment for the Arts announced that President Barack Obama would be awarding the National Medals of Arts as well as the National Humanities Medals on Monday, July 28, to a select group of artists throughout the United States, including Flagstaff-based artist James Turrell.

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Scottsdale Public Art Calls for Library Gallery Installation Proposals

Dru Bloomfield via Flickr
If you've checked out the colorful kid-catered installation that is Camp Dreamtree, you know one thing about the Scottsdale Civic Center Library: their gallery is anything but by the book. And while the installation created by local artists Roy Wasson Valle and Koryn Woodward Wasson has done well to inspire the imagination indoors, Scottsdale Public Art (SPA), in partnership with Scottsdale Public Library, is looking for some new inspiration for next summer's installation.

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6 Art Exhibitions to See in Metro Phoenix This Summer

Katrina Montgomery
Phoenix Art Museum's massive Antonio Berni show is a must-see.

It's easy to feel sluggish during the Phoenix summers, but that's no excuse for becoming a total shut-in. You know what museums and galleries have (in addition to really great art)? Air conditioning. And if that's not enough to get you excited, the artwork will be.

To help you out, we've compiled a list of our top six must-see exhibitions taking place across the Valley over the next few months. So get out there and see some art.

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Phoenix's Exposed Studio & Gallery Is Closing

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Courtesy of Gregg Edelman
Exposed Studio & Gallery on Seventh Avenue.
When local art broker Gregg Edelman announced earlier this month that he was closing his space Exposed Studio & Gallery, it wasn't so much a goodbye as it was a "see you later" sort of thing.

That's only because the local art enterprise will still exist in virtual form and may eventually find a new home elsewhere in the Melrose district. Plus, Edelman plans on putting on art shows and participating in neighborhood events, like the Melrose on Seventh Avenue Street Fair.

By the end of this week, however, he'll be closing Exposed's longtime location along Seventh Avenue.

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Noelle Martinez Blends Art and Hip-Hop with "Back in the Daze" at Phoenix's Willo North Gallery

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Nicholas Balanon
Phoenix artist Noelle Martinez is pictured in her downtown Phoenix studio.
A wave of nostalgia is sweeping the nation for a decade that, in reality, was not so long ago. The 1990s brought with it flannel and grunge, crop tops and pop, and gold chains and hip-hop. Each has had a lasting impact on not only fashion and the music scene, but popular culture as well.

The impact the '90s had on Noelle Martinez resonates with her today. The Arizona-grown, 24-year-old artist grew up passionate about many things, but her upcoming solo collection marries two of those loves: art and hip-hop. In the year since her last show, Martinez has spent many a waking moment in her downtown Phoenix studio, creating paintings inspired by legends like Wu Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, Tupac Shakur, and Notorious B.I.G.

"Back in the Daze: An Exploration of Afrocentric Music of the '90s" at Willo North Gallery is a twist on iconic images from stoic faces of some of the biggest names from both East and West Coast to catchy, infamous songs like Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice" off his 1994 Doggystyle record, produced by Dr. Dre.

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Ishmael Dueñas Presents Group Show "Future Shock" at Frontal Lobe in Phoenix

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Courtesy Ishmael Dueñas

Painter Ishmael Dueñas has gathered together an impressive list of some of the art scene's most well known for "Future Shock," a collaborative collection that opens at Grand Avenue's Frontal Lobe Gallery this Friday. The seven-person show is mostly made up of paintings -- which, despite the name, have little or nothing to do with the future.

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5 Must-See First Friday Shows in Phoenix on July 4

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Katrina Montgomery
Detail of Elysia Holland Michaelsen's "Replan Your Work Rework Your Plan" at Eye Lounge
First Friday heats up tomorrow with creative works going up all over the city. This month, Phoenix's favorite art-filled evening falls on the Fourth of July. Artlink's First Friday Trolley Tour will be taking a brief hiatus for the holiday weekend, but don't let that deter you. Most galleries and art spaces will still be open.

Here are our picks for shows you will not want to miss this Friday.

Halt Gallery Summer Shows

Halt Gallery has two big shows up this month: Laura Spalding Best's "7th Street to 7th Avenue" at Hot Box Gallery and Elysia Holland Michaelsen's "Replan Your Work, Rework Your Plan" in the project room at Eye Lounge. We've talked before about how well these exhibitions are suited to their respective locations.

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Scottsdale League for the Arts to Award $200,000 in Grants

Mark Kitaoka and Tracy Martin
Arizona Theatre Company was one of 29 organiztions that received grants from the SLA in 2013. This is a still from its production of Xanadu.
Last year Arizona Theatre Company, Heard Museum, and 26 other arts organizations all had one thing in common. They were awarded grants in 2013 from the Scottsdale League for the Arts (SLA). Now the SLA, an organization which is best known for producing the annual Scottsdale Culinary Festival, is once again donating a hefty chunk of change to Valley nonprofits that focus on supporting arts and arts education.

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