Downtown Mesa to Unveil "Main Street Art Love" on September 19

Downtown Mesa via Facebook
Downtown Mesa is about to bump up its artsy image.

The East Valley city has teamed with local artists and businesses to build "Main Street Art Love," a series of unique planters along Main Street. The up-cycled planters, which will bring additional desert foliage to the main drag, will make their debut on Friday, September 19, alongside the debut of Flash Park Fridays, converting unused pedestrian and parking spaces into temporary grassy areas for communal recreation.

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Phoenix Art Museum's PhotoBid Surveys Contemporary Photography

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Image courtesy of Phoenix Art Museum
David Emitt Adams' "Five Miles to the Summit" is part of this year's PhotoBid exhibition

For six years running, Phoenix Art Museum has performed an artistic service with its annual PhotoBid photography auction and fundraiser. Curated by Rebecca Senf, the Norton Family Curator of Photography at PAM and the Center for Creative Photography, the annual survey exhibition returns online and in-person featuring an array of the top local and national photographers donating works for the benefit of InFocus, the museum's photography support organization.

Though simply a fundraiser at heart, PhotoBid is truly the closest exhibition Phoenix has to an annual overview of contemporary photography. Featuring the work of such artists as Luis Gonzalez Palma, Bruce Myrin, Mark Klett, Eadweard J. Muybridge, Binh Danh, Sean Deckert, Bill Timmerman, and dozens of others, the exhibition transcends styles to present a thorough look at what photography offers to the general artistic landscape, locally and nationally.

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Mad One Announces Sticker Phiends 6 for Saturday, October 11

Mad One
Goodbyes are never easy.

So when street artist Mike "Mad One" Neely packed his bags and left for Portland a few years back, we took it pretty hard. Fortunately, the former Phoenix-based artist must have sensed our withdrawal because he's just announced that he's coming back for a one-night-only Sticker Phiends show.

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5 Must-See First Friday Shows in Phoenix on September 5

Categories: Visual Art

Courtesy of the artist and 1Spot Gallery
Jeff Slim In the right light(2014)
First Friday heats up tonight with creative works going up all over the city. Here are our picks for shows not to miss this evening.

"Analogue Roulette"

Jeff Slim's name has been popping up everywhere these days. After exhibiting his paintings in "Beyond the Reed" at Palabra's Biltmore Pop-Up last month, Slim is turning to his collaborative stenciling work in "Analogue Roulette" at 1Spot Gallery for the duration of September. Slim works with prints from an array of photographers to create stenciled pieces, adding a new dimension to the original photographs.

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Phoenix's 720 Gallery to Host Fundraiser for Bassim Al-Shaker

Courtesy 720 Gallery
"Intersections" by Nuna Dow will be on view at 720 Gallery Friday, September 5.

720 Gallery is closing its doors. But before it does, the downtown art venue is hosting one last exhibition and a fundraiser to benefit Bassim Al-Shaker, a local artist who lost several paintings and personal effects when his studio was robbed last month.

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Stephen Gittins Talks Plans for Capture12 on Roosevelt Row in Phoenix

Categories: Visual Art

Courtesy of Capture12
Capture12 is now located on Roosevelt Row
Stephen Gittins is all about making things happen. "If you're not doing what you want to be doing, you need to create the opportunities," he says. "You have to instill motivation in yourself to push forward and find what you're looking for."

Gittins owns Capture12, a business that started out in 2012 as a photography workshop and has slowly morphed into a multi-functional teaching and exhibition endeavor now nestled in the heart of Roosevelt Row. Earlier this summer, Gittins relocated Capture12 from a back room in MonOrchid to a piece of prime real estate just west of Eye Lounge.

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4 Phoenix Artists Selected for "State of the Art" at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Categories: Visual Art

Colin Chillag Desert Grave with Daily Schedule, 2013-2014. Oil on Canvas. Courtesy of Jett and Julie Anderson. Photo by Sean Deckert.
Earlier this year we found out that eight Arizona artists were being considered for the "State of the Art: Discovering America Now" exhibition at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas. We are excited to announce that four of those artists have been chosen to display work in the final show, and they are Colin Chillag, Angela Ellsworth, Monica Aissa Martinez, and Matthew Moore.

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Bassim Al-Shaker's Phoenix Studio Robbed; 10 Paintings Stolen

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Courtesy of ASU/Bassim Al Shaker
This is one of the 10 paintings that was stolen from Bassim Al Shaker's studio.

Bassim Al-Shaker's Phoenix art studio was robbed on the morning of Monday, August 18.

Ten paintings were stolen from Al-Shaker's space at Fourth and McKinley streets in the former location of Nancy Hill's Hazel & Violet. He's been painting there since July. The studio is a quick walk from his residence at Combine Studios, where the Iraqi-born creative formerly worked as an international artist in residence through ASU Art Museum.

Al-Shaker is reportedly devastated.

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40 Favorite Murals in Phoenix

Katrina Montgomery
Mural by Gennaro Garcia and DOSE

Phoenix is looking colorful lately, and it's not just the usual hues of light and dark beige. Though street art culture dates back decades, the past several years have heralded a new era for murals in our fair city. We've documented the progress in our ongoing series Mural City, but we thought it was about time to compile a list with some of our personal favorites.

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"Soirée in the Garden" Features Mikey Estes and Abigail Lynch in Pop-Up Exhibition at The Sandlot

Categories: Visual Art

Abigail Lynch
Lynch will have several large photos on display at "Soirée in the Garden"
Who says astroturf can't be classy? On Friday, August 15, The Sandlot is hosting the pop-up exhibition "Soirée in the Garden" featuring sculptures by Mikey Estes and photographs by Abigail Lynch (who was recently featured in our 100 creatives series).

The show is only going to be up for one evening, but it promises to be the ultimate DIY fancy event of the summer.

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