See Douglas Miles' Selfie-Inspired Mural at MonOrchid in Phoenix

Tanya Nguyen
The mural by Douglas Miles is on the East wall of MonOrchid gallery.

Artist Douglas Miles combined stenciling and hand-drawn imagery to create his new mural on the east wall of the MonOrchid Gallery on Roosevelt Street.

Miles, who owns Apache Skateboards, incorporated five black-and-white portraits, including a self-portrait of himself, on the mural in the parking lot alley next to MonOrchid, where the simple palette stands from colorful neighboring murals.

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Lisa Sette Gallery to Leave Scottsdale for Midtown Phoenix This Summer

Categories: News, Visual Art

A rendering of the future home of Lisa Sette Gallery.
After 28 years on Marshall Way, Lisa Sette is leaving Scottsdale for midtown Phoenix.

Lisa Sette Gallery will host one last show -- "Domesticated," featuring paintings by Carrie Marill, opening Thursday, April 3, in Scottsdale -- before packing up and moving this summer to a renovated Al Beadle building near Second Street and Thomas Road in Phoenix.

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2014 Arizona Governor's Art Award Winners Announced in Mesa

Categories: News, Visual Art

Winners of the 2014 Arizona Governor's Art Awards were announced Tuesday, March 25, during a ceremony held at Mesa Arts Center.

Presented by Arizona Citizens for the Arts in partnership with the Arizona Commission on the Arts and the Office of the Governor, the awards honor both individuals and businesses who have made substantial and outstanding contributions to arts and culture in Arizona.

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See Yatika Starr Fields' Sonoran Waltz Mural on 16th Street in Phoenix

Tanya Nguyen
The "Sonoran Waltz" mural is on the south wall of Arizona Carpet Care on 16th Street.

Yatika Starr Fields, an artist currently in transition from New York City to Los Angeles, made a stop in Phoenix for the early March mural event Paint PHX to create Sonoran Waltz a new mural on 16th Street.

Fields, a friend of local artists Thomas "Breeze" Marcus and Douglas Miles, was visiting his home state of Oklahoma and found that the timing was right for a drive to Paint PHX to paint his first mural in Arizona.

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Big Brain Update: Artist Thomas Greyeyes

Viki Eagle
Thomas Greyeyes won a Big Brain Award in 2012.
Leading up to this year's Big Brain Awards, we're checking in with past winners. Up today: Thomas Greyeyes.

Thomas Greyeyes won a Big Brain Award in 2012 for his art, which explores his Native American identity and how it collides with life in Phoenix. Since winning, he's continued pulling his Navajo culture into his creative endeavors, pursuing activist work, digging into history, and taking his work to a larger audience.

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Phoenix Festival de España and March Third Friday in Photos

Categories: Events, Visual Art

Melissa Fossum
New Times photographers were out and about at art and cultural events in Phoenix this past weekend.

Phoenix Festival de Espana at Phoenix Center for the Arts

Phoenix Center for the Arts was transformed into a center for Spanish culture on Saturday, March 22 for the Phoenix Festival de Espana. This all-day event featured lots of food and dance demonstrations, including a Noche de Flamenco performance that closed out the evening.

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Big Brain Update: Artist Joseph "Sentrock" Perez

Courtesy of Sentrock
One of Sentrock's latest works.
Leading up to this year's Big Brain Awards, we're checking in with past winners. Up today: Joseph "Sentrock" Perez.

Joseph "Sentrock" Perez may have moved to Chicago since winning a Big Brain Award in 2011, but the artist's presence in Phoenix hasn't waned. He returned to town for "Generations: Inspiration of Bird City," a group show at Willo North that featured work of his alongside that of Martin Moreno and Luis Gutierrez. And he has plans for another show in his hometown: a must-see exhibition at Palabra in May.

But that's not all he has in the works.

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SERK and Friends Add Dr. Seuss-Inspired Mural to Phoenix's Grand Avenue

Tanya Nguyen
The new Dr. Seuss Mural is at the Bragg's Pie Factory parking lot on Grand Avenue and McKinley Street.

It might be difficult to imagine a favorite Dr. Seuss book covered in graffiti or a Lorax tagging the pages and adding street art to the sweet, quirky illustrations. But that image is exactly what you'll find in one of Grand Avenue's newest murals.

The parking lot wall of Bragg's Pie Factory needed a revamp. So artist Adrian Dominic (also known as SERK) collaborated with friends during Paint PHX, a mural-painting event reaching Roosevelt Row, 16th Street, and Grand Avenue, to paint over his existing mural and create a Dr. Seuss-themed piece to celebrate both the author's birthday and National Reading Month.

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Hippie Steve's Skateboard Art Coming to the Firehouse Gallery in Phoenix

Categories: Visual Art

Hippie Steve
Double Death Box. Chips of skateboard, griptape, oil pastels and acrylics.

Some would say skateboarding is an art form in and of itself. The way skateboarding enthusiasts, both young and old, figure out how to roll, and sometimes float, over wood and concrete has become something that challenges both gravity and logic. Like artists who work in other media, skateboarders look at the world through unique eyes, seeing possibility where the rest of us see a wall, a curb, or a ditch. The world is their canvas and the tools of their trade -- skateboards, trucks, wheels, and, in the case of Hippie Steve, some acrylic paint -- become their greatest form of expression.

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Eduardo Sarabia's "Moctezuma's Revenge" Packs a Punch at Tempe's ASU Art Museum

Categories: Review, Visual Art

Courtesy of the artist and Charpenel Collection
Sarabia's CODEX 2: Popocatepetl (2013). Acrylic, india ink on paper, 22 in. x 30 in.

The timing could not be any more perfect for "Moctezuma's Revenge," the current exhibition of work by multimedia artist Eduardo Sarabia at ASU Art Museum. Curated by ASUAM curator Julio César Morales, the expansive show deals with Mexico's notorious underground drug culture and the deadly havoc left in its wake.

On February 22, Joaquín "El Chapo" (Shorty) Guzmán Leora, the elusive kingpin of the Sinaloa drug cartel -- one of the world's most feared and wanted men -- was busted in Mazatlán by Mexican authorities. Guzmán had been on the run for over 13 years after escaping from a high-security prison in 2001 by hiding in a lowly laundry cart. The purported romance, required subterfuge, lavish material excess, and brutal violence connected with the narco lifestyle, epitomized by Guzmán and cohorts, is artfully captured in coded form by Sarabia, who created work in a variety of media for the museum exhibition during a one-year residency at ASU.

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