Roosevelt Row Shipping Container Art Galleries in Downtown Phoenix to Move

Courtesy of Roosevelt Row Community Development Corporation
Rendering by John Douglas Architects created for Roosevelt Row CDC.
A trio of shipping containers located in the Roosevelt A.R.T.S. Market will be making their way to a new home across the street, says Greg Esser, who spearheaded their initial purchase and placement by the Roosevelt Row CDC.

After April's Third Friday art walk, the containers will be closed up for what Esser calls a "summer hiatus." He's working now on getting permits from the City of Phoenix before moving forward with a plan that would bring to life the rendering pictured above on the lot between Eye Lounge and Modified Arts.

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7 Must-See Third Friday Shows in Phoenix on April 17

Courtesy of Lauren Strohacker
Feathers are prominent in Laura Strohacker's new installation for the Hot Box Gallery.
It's all about variety this month as Third Friday April gives folks a chance to explore delicate wood burnings of moths inspired by ASU's entomology collection, acrylic paintings on watercolor paper inspired by tattoos mirroring traditional Japanese artwork, and an immersive world of plant-laden I.V. bags inspired by losing a young person to leukemia.

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ASU Artists Put Contemporary Twist on Traditional Materials in "New Art Arizona"

Lynn Trimble
Dissolution of the American Dream by Jonah Amadeus Skurky-Thomas.
A small house created with terracotta and porcelain sits crumbling in a courtyard at Shemer Art Center. It's the work of Jonah Amadeus Skurky-Thomas, one of five ASU master's of fine arts students featured in an exhibition titled "New Art Arizona." They're all recipients of this year's scholarship awards presented by Shemer Art Center and Arizona Artists Guild, a nonprofit for emerging and established artists working in various media.

The exhibition also includes works by Courtney Richter, Zachary John Valent, Dani Godreau, and Travis Rice. The common thread, according to guest curator Colleen Kelk Donohoe, is their innovative use of materials. Her curatorial statement for the show notes that "the artists in this exhibit all approach traditional materials with a contemporary twist, resulting in work that references both the rich history of craft and the innovation of contemporary art."

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8 Cool Things We Saw During ASU Grant Street Open Studios in Phoenix

Mikey Estes
View of Rachel Goodwin's studio at Grant Street Studios.

Over the weekend, The Art Grads (TAG), a new student organization at Arizona State University, hosted a two-day open studio event at Grant Street Studios. These emerging artists displayed their work in pop-up exhibitions throughout the building, had a red-tag sale with affordable art, and opened up their studios to the public. If there have been ASU open studio events before, they haven't been as comprehensive and inviting as this one.

The building hosts a large group of artists from varying disciplines -- fibers, intermedia, sculpture, painting, drawing and photography. The only departments that aren't there yet are printmaking and ceramics, but their work was on display in a pop-up exhibition. We picked out some of our favorite things that we saw.

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Arizona Commission on the Arts Cancels Art Tank, Reduces Grants Amid Budget Cuts

Categories: Visual Art

Courtesy of Arizona Commission on the Arts
Art Tank is no more -- at least for the next fiscal year.

Arizona Commission on the Arts announced on Monday, April 13, that it will put on hiatus popular grants programs including Arizona Art Tank, among other changes, to cope with its budget being cut by $1 million.

In March 2015, Governor Doug Ducey signed into law Arizona's 2016 fiscal year budget, which cut the commission's funding by $1 million. Funded by both the state and the National Endowment for the Arts, that leaves the organization with about $2.3 million to spend on programs and services, grants, and administration in the coming fiscal year (July 2015 through June 2016).

That means in its 50th year, the commission's total funding "will be comparable to levels reached during the depths of the recent recession, and could even hit a 30-year low," per the announcement, signed by executive director Robert Booker.

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Tempe Artist Clarita Lulić on Marriage and Its Influence on Her Work

Mikey Estes
Clarita Lulić embracing the likeness of her husband in her Tempe studio on ASU campus.

What happens in the studio, shouldn't always stay in the studio. Studio Visit Q+A is a weekly series that profiles artists in their studios. We ask them questions, they provide answers, and then we have a nice discussion about their work. This week: Current ASU MFA student Clarita Lulić.

Originally hailing from the UK, Clarita Lulić is an emerging artist that mainly works with photography. Over her time spent studying at ASU, her practice has come to encompass sculpture, as well. Her current body of work, which will be featured in her MFA thesis exhibition at Gallery 100 next month, fittingly titled "The Good Hurt," deals with the relationship between husband and wife. Using her own relationship as a site of exploration, Lulić uses humor as a means to investigate the often private intricacies of personal relationships, specifically marriage -- a contract between two people.

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"Equal Parts" Investigates Identity and Offers Refreshing Inclusiveness at Frontal Lobe

Mikey Estes
Megan Koth's pop-inspired paintings critique feminine beauty expectations.

What is it that makes us different from one another? How do we define ourselves in relation to others? These expansive questions are probed by the 22 artists participating in "Equal Parts," currently on view at Frontal Lobe Community Space and Gallery. Co-curated by Amanda Adkins and Ashley Macias, the exhibition explores identity through a fairly broad scope. This inclusiveness is refreshing, but while we feel like many works fully engage with the dialogic threads of the exhibition, others simply glaze over the inherent politicality of identity.

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Chemistry Meets Creativity in "Light Sensitive" at Art Intersection in Gilbert

Courtesy of Art Intersection
"Light Sensitive" includes Five Guys, a gum bichromate print by Illinois artist Barbara Eberhard.
During an age when some think the best bit of photo technology is a selfie stick, it's refreshing to spend time surrounded by fine art photography created with old-school tools and techniques -- many created during the mid-19th century.

The fourth annual "Light Sensitive" show at Art Intersection in Gilbert features 105 works created by 100 artists who use more than 20 different methods for creating handmade photographic images to produce nuanced pieces rich in detail and emotional depth.

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9 Cool Things We Saw During Phoenix First Friday on April 3

Categories: Visual Art

Lynn Trimble
Turner G. Davis works featured in "Stone Soup" at Eye Lounge.
First Friday seemed to ramp up a bit earlier than usual on Friday night, as people hit local galleries, explored tables covered in artwork and other wares for sale, and watched a few aerosol artists painting live during outdoor demonstrations.

Story strips at Eye Lounge

Art lovers got to double dip works by Turner G. Davis, who had exhibitions at both Willo North Gallery and Eye Lounge. When we popped into Eye Lounge, we found people carefully reading every panel of his story strips (think comic strips, but story-based), sometimes letting out a hearty laugh. They're interspersed with large-scale works blending fantasy with realism, and a couple of pink horse busts we can't quite fathom. But we loved seeing people really pausing to take art in, and feeling free enough to let go an unbridled reaction.

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10 Best Art Galleries in Metro Phoenix

Lynn Trimble
Modified Arts in Roosevelt Row is also home to Local First Arizona.
Metro Phoenix is home to a cool assortment of art galleries exhibiting works by local, national, and international artists. Most show works in a wide variety of media, and many show works by both emerging and established artists. They've all got a different feel, so whatever your interests and tastes, you'll find something that catches your fancy.

But 10 metro Phoenix galleries stand above the rest. One is a converted shipping container, and two are located in former warehouses. Another is subterranean, and one sits on the second story of a quaint retail complex. One is owned by a city, and a couple are owned by community activists. Here are our favorites.

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