"Rhythm and History" Is Just Out of Reach at Tempe's ASU Art Museum

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Katrina Montgomery
"Rhythm and History" exhibition view
After my first visit to see "Rhythm and History" at the ASU Art Museum, I returned home and immediately began Googling. As its name explicitly states, the exhibition is entrenched in history. Yet I left feeling the gaps in my own historical knowledge exposed rather than filled, as I might have hoped.

In the 1990s under the direction of former museum director and curator Marilyn Zeitlin, ASU Art Museum established one of the most extensive collections of contemporary Cuban art outside of Cuba, culminating in an exhibition entitled "Contemporary Art from Cuba: Irony and Survival on the Utopian Island" in 1998. The current show marks the first time this truly impressive collection has been revisited since then. The 19 diverse pieces showcased in "Rhythm and History" barely scratch the surface of the extensive collection, which brought together 17 of the most prominent artists working in Cuba at the time.

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10 Art Classes for Adults This Summer in Metro Phoenix

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Image by Evan-Amos via Wikimedia Commons
Contrary to popular belief, you have to be neither an artist nor a child to take an art class. You might not be the next Monet, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun honing your painting technique. From sand casting to alternative printing, the art classes in metro Phoenix this summer span an array of artistic disciplines. There are literally hundreds of classes to choose from, but we've selected 10 of the most interesting ones to get you started.

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Practical Art Issues Call to Phoenix Artists for "Heat" Summer Exhibition

Oasis by Terry Pisel from Practical Art's "Heat II"
Just because the temperature's rising doesn't mean your art career can't rise with it. Rather than let your art supplies melt and separate in the garage this summer, Practical Art is encouraging local artists to put their tools and talents to good use by entering work into the third annual exhibition "Heat."

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Third Friday in Phoenix: 3 Must-See Shows April 18

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Jenny Odom's Red Wing Blackbird
Third Friday's here, Phoenix. Here are three shows not to miss tonight.

"Sugar Cookies"

When one artistic medium overlaps another, the result can be pretty sweet. Such is the case for the spring exhibition "Sugar Cookies." This mixed-media collaboration combines words with images from Florida-based artist Jenny Odom, who used to live in Phoenix, and Montessori student/budding Phoenix poet Eleri Mosier. The duo began their project through social media after Odom discovered Mosier's writing through her mother's Facebook page.

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Phoenix Art Museum Director James Ballinger Announces Intention to Retire

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Courtesy of Phoenix Art Museum
James Ballinger will retire from his director position at Phoenix Art Museum.

Longtime Phoenix Art Museum director James Ballinger has announced plans to retire, according to a museum press release issued Thursday, April 17.

He has requested that the museum's board of trustees begin searching for his replacement. Once that replacement has been selected, Ballinger will retire.

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Guided by Voices' Robert Pollard to Show Collages at Modified Arts in Phoenix

Robert Pollard
See art from Pollard, including Dramatic Center Of Interest, at Modified Arts.

There are few people in popular music today as prolific as Robert Pollard. Pollard is best known as the leader of the influential indie rock band Guided by Voices, lo-fi legends whose albums are densely packed with pocket-sized exercises in hooky rock magic, and he's also released a steady stream of solo recordings and offshoot projects such as the Boston Spaceships, the Circus Devils, Lifeguards, and the Keene Brothers. The fact that Pollard has released 25 solo albums between 1996 and 2013 says a lot; that Guided by Voices has put out three box sets of unreleased material with 100 songs each says even more.

You'd think that Pollard would be creatively spent with that sort of musical output, but you'd be wrong. Pollard also creates the cover artwork for most of his albums, collages that use found elements to create images every bit as striking as his music. The psychedelic drum on the cover of Alien Lanes, the trains snaking out of a gentleman's mouth on Standard Gargoyle Decisions, or the detourned Native American images of Under the Bushes, Under the Stars reveal that Pollard's visual ideas are as canny as his musical instincts.

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Breeze, Dwayno Insano, and Vyal Painted a Temporary Mural at Phoenix's Por Vida Gallery

Thomas "Breeze" Marcus
The collaboration piece by Thomas "Breeze" Marcus, Dwayne Manuel, and Jaime "Vyal" Reyes will be on display temporarily on 16th St. before it is rotated out to display a new mural.

Three Southwest artists collaborated on a mural for Por Vida Gallery's new wall, built to showcase artists' works by rotating new murals through every few months.

Phoenix-based artist Thomas "Breeze" Marcus collaborated with Tucson's Dwayne Manuel and Jaime "Vyal" Reyes from Los Angeles during the Paint PHX weekend in March to paint the first mural on Por Vida's wall on 16th Street near Barrio Cafe.

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John A. Reyes Named New Director of Bentley Gallery in Phoenix

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Photo by Clutch Photos
John Reyes is the new director of Bentley Gallery
After working for years as the director of secondary market, John A. Reyes has been named director of Bentley Gallery, taking over many of the duties previously held by gallery owner Bentley Calverley.

"I was delighted to be a pioneer in moving gallery operations to Phoenix 10 years ago and I continue to be vested in its growth," Calverley says in a recent press release. "Placing the gallery in John's capable hands frees me up to increase my involvement with the Phoenix Community Alliance and downtown Phoenix development."

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5 Must-See First Friday Shows in Phoenix on April 4

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Courtesy of ASU Art Museum
Pablo Helguera's "Librería Donceles" is an itinerant, functional Spanish language bookstore
First Friday heats up tonight with creative works going up all over the city. Here are our picks for shows not to miss this evening.

"Librería Donceles"

This exhibition comes to Arizona via the ASU Art Museum International Artist Residency Program. Artist Pablo Helguera, who is also the director of adult and academic programs at the Museum of Modern Art, has exhibited "Librería Donceles" once before at Kent Fine Art in New York City. The show is an itinerant, functional Spanish language bookstore with approximately 12,000 books, spanning a variety of subjects. Combine Studios has truly undergone a transformation for "Librería Donceles," making the space nearly unrecognizable.

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Artlink Seeks Volunteers for Phoenix Art Events

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Jessica Obert
Artlink presented the Art d'Core Gala at Crescent Ballroom as an Art Detour pre-party.

Artlink needs a hand.

The downtown Phoenix arts organization, which presents mega-artwalk Art Detour each year, issued a call for volunteers to help out with arty events like First Friday.

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