10 Favorite Trivia Nights in Metro Phoenix

Janessa Hilliard
Beer lovers pack the house for Trivia Tuesdays at World of Beer in Tempe.

We all have that friend. You know the one: a few pints in suddenly every sentence starts with the all-condescending, "actually..." followed by some obscure nugget of knowledge most of us either never knew or would never remember. The kind of friend who makes the perfect asset to any trivia team.

Game nights are no longer reserved for the Buffalo Wild Wings or Native New Yorkers of the world. Here are 10 spots to show off your smarts across the Valley. From sports bars to gay bars and everything in between, there's a chance to flex that mental muscle every day of the week.

After all, hey, maybe you are that friend. We're not here to judge.

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10 Must-Watch TV Shows This Fall

Photo by Zaphod via Wikimedia Commons

Fall is the most wonderful time of year. The schools are back in session, the storms prevent Phoenicians from commenting on the dry heat, and the leaves turn colors in pictures from other parts of the country where trees grow. However, the best part of the season comes somewhere between the new football season and Halloween, and that is the debut of the fall TV season. The long drought of summer television is now approaching its conclusion, and all of our favorite network shows will finally be returning to the airwaves. Even better, in addition to all of the old, familiar shows that we all know and love, there will be several new series premiering. Here are 10 that stood out from the pack and seem to be worth checking out.

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10 Most Expensive Houses for Sale in Metro Phoenix Right Now

Categories: Fun, Top Ten List

One of the many possible views from house number ten on our list.
Between professional athletes, business moguls, and international investors, the metro Phoenix area has its fair share of homes that cater to the one percent. And whether you yourself enjoy the finer things in life or like the rest of us, simply have to ogle them from a distance, here is the list of the 10 most expensive homes on the market right now.

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10 Favorite Movie Theaters in Metro Phoenix

Categories: Top Ten List

Darryle Royal

We're guessing you've already noticed that summer is in full effect here in the Valley, but if you happened to have missed the memo and have yet to join the pity party we tend to throw ourselves annually, that's okay. Your friends will make sure you join by incessantly posting temperature photos from inside their cars.

Lucky for us desert dwellers, it's a time-honored tradition for Phoenicians to go to the movies during the brutal summer months to escape the heat (and those obnoxious social media updates about it). Here are our 10 favorite movie theaters (in no particular order) where you can catch the latest blockbuster, cult classic, or indie flick.

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10 Favorite Pools in Metro Phoenix

Categories: Top Ten List

valley ho girls.jpg
Katie Johnson
Poolside servers at the Hotel Valley Ho
Wave goodbye, folks. The good temperatures in Phoenix are about to leave us -- and in their wake will be the sweat stain we call summer. Fortunately, Phoenix does well to make up for its desert state with a pool culture that includes water slides, river tubing, artificial beaches, DJs, and ice cold cocktails.

Pack the sunscreen and put on the shades as you check out our 10 Favorite Pools in Metro Phoenix this summer.

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The 10 Coolest Celebrities from Arizona

Categories: Top Ten List

Courtney "Coco" Mault
Arizona is consistently teeming with celebrities -- actors/actresses, athletes and musicians -- who flock to our state in search of better winter weather, prime golfing conditions and pristine courses, and of course, some nightlife action.

But while we're never in shortage of potential celebrity sightings, we don't actually have that many celebrities we can claim as our own. Much like what's seen in the world of the commoners, people seem to live here after they've tired of the snow, rain, or expensive real estate in their hometowns, not because they were born here.

But here are 10 celebrities we'll always claim -- whether they were born or grew up in the Valley of the Sun.

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Spring Training Eye Candy: MLB's 10 Sexiest Baseball Players

Categories: Top Ten List

will_v_us flickr.com
As warmer temperatures inch their way up in the Valley, thousands will gather to watch the pre-season quarrels of great American pastime. The carefree days of spring training hit Arizona's stage again, bringing in 15 major-league teams from around the nation.

Limited to two destinations nationwide, Arizona (Cactus League) and Florida (Grapefruit League) are the the reigning baseball preseason havens. Aside from the idyllic temperatures and pristine lawn conditions, Jackalope Ranch envies more than just the players' athletic abilities.

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A Spectators Guide: NFL's 10 Hottest Players in Celebration of Super Bowl XLVII

Categories: Top Ten List

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, which means it's time to prepare yourself for chugging cheap light beer, inhaling heaping portions of nachos, and rooting for the team you feel deserves the title for an entire Sunday.

The Super Bowl is the conclusion to most red-blooded Americans' thirst for professional and individual competition -- that is, until August, when this traditional round-up starts again.

Though the sport's attention to hard bodies is usually reserved for the teams' cheerleaders, the league also is populated with a score of x-chromosome carrying athletic eye-candy. Not only are these pros the best at this full-contact sport, they definitely do a body good and keep onlookers drooling over their sculpted features.

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The 10 Best Plays I Saw in Metro Phoenix in 2012

As I write this, the year isn't over. But I can say that, once again in 2012, I didn't see a whole lot more than 10 plays I enjoyed so super-much I had to debate internally about putting them on this list. On the other hand, the ones that were good were really outstanding (so that it was nearly impossible to assign an order to them), two of them were from the Phoenix Fringe Festival, which I'm ecstatic about, and all this happened in a year when there were a lot of plays honoring Arizona's centennial, which I'm just going to say didn't help.

If you feel like killing some time reading out-of-date theater criticism, each entry's heading contains a link to the original Curtains review. Happy Holidays, friends!

10. Actors Theatre's Hunter Gatherers
If Ron May had more free time, I'd consider hiring him to direct my life. That's how confident you should be about going to a show he's helmed. The convincingly weird couples at the epic, dysfunctional yet oddly jubilant dinner party in this play were beautifully acted, and the action was violent, sexy, and compelling.

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10 Favorite DIY Holiday Light Displays in Metro Phoenix

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holiday lights metro phoenix 2012.JPG
Benjamin Leatherman

If there's one constant to this time of year (other than nonstop Christmas music), it's lights and lots of 'em. Glowing displays of color cover businesses, public parks, and numerous other locales as everyone except the grinches get into the holiday swing of things.

Besides all the gorgeously ginormous public or commercial displays that decorate the Valley -- including Glendale Glitters, ZooLights, or Las Noches de las Luminarias - countless local residents have spent a pretty penny or countless man-hours creating impressive-looking light DIY displays for their homes, many of which involve computer-driven synchronization or other nifty high-tech amenities. We've picked out 10 of our favorite houses and neighborhood around town, each of which offers plenty of Christmas charm.

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