10 Joan Rivers Quotes to Live By

Underbelly Limited via Wikimedia Commons
Joan Rivers offered us many worrds to laugh at and live by.
Comedian Joan Rivers has died. The 81-year-old performer, writer, and television personality passed away on Thursday, September 4, after suffering complications from throat surgery the week prior.

She will be remembered for her numerous contributions to the entertainment world. From her appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson to hosting her owns shows such as The Late Show, Fashion Police, and decades of stand-up specials, Joan Rivers was not only pop culture icon but a pioneer for Female entertainers

Here are 10 quotes that confirm what many of us already knew: She was a genius, a brassy, ballsy genius.

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10 Things Women Think Men Care About -- But They Don't

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Courtney Rhodes/Flickr
Spending a lot of time and money on nails is cool and all, but most men probably won't even notice them unless you point them out.

Ladies, there are a lot of things you can do to make yourself appealing to guys. Unfortunately for many of you, it's usually not the stuff you think it is. Believe it or not, most dudes aren't going to notice a lot of the little things that you think you're doing for them. To save you some time and energy, here's a list of 10 things (in no particular order) that the majority of heterosexual males couldn't care less about.

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10 Metro Phoenix Athletes to Follow on Instagram

There's been a lot of Instagram love for the artists and photographers in the Phoenix area, but for a city with four major sports teams and a wide variety of other athletes, it's time to venture into the realm of athletes worthy of a follow on Instagram.

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10 Most Expensive Houses for Sale in Metro Phoenix Right Now

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Money may not be able to buy you class, happiness, or love, but in metro Phoenix, having a enormous chunk of change is your ticket to owning your own personal sauna, yoga studio, olympic size pool, movie theater, shooting range, and world-class kitchen.

When it comes to living at the height of wealth and excess, these on-the-market estates hit the mark. Here are the 10 most expensive homes for sale right now in the Valley.

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10 Movies Every Arizonan Should See

Courtesy of New Line Cinema
If you were a teenager in Phoenix, you definitely have to see this Christian Slater flick.
There are some movies out there that just feel like Arizona. While some were shot in the state or take place in the state, other films get that Grand Canyon touch from the local talent who made them. Here are 10 movies every self-respecting Arizonan should watch to feel some local love on the silver screen.

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10 Best Pools in Metro Phoenix

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Katie Johnson
There are plenty of reasons to love Phoenix in the summer, many of which begin and end at the pool. From wave pools to whirpools, water slides to waterfalls, lazy rivers to high-energy dance parties, the Valley offers a top-notch selection of outdoor oasis. Step out of your plastic kiddie pool and slather on the sunscreen, because we're about to dive into the 10 best pools in metro Phoenix.

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10 More Celebrities Who Live in Arizona

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Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons
L.A. Dodger outfielder -- and part-time Arizona resident -- Matt Kemp.
Once or twice over the years, we've heard people refer to Arizona as "L.A.'s backyard." It's a sort of demeaning description, most certainly, but also sort of an apt one, considering how many celebrities and VIPs escape from Los Angeles and head our way to get in some rest and relaxation.

Some even dig our state so much that they decide to take up roots in Arizona, or (at the very least) buy a second, or even third, home here.

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World Cup 2014: The 10 Most Memorable Moments

Courtesy of FIFA
The 2014 World Cup comes to a close this weekend.

We're not sure if it's just the social media buzz, but it sure feels like the 2014 World Cup has been one for the books. From a player with vampire-like tendencies to teams that can really get their groove on, we've been entertained in unexpected ways over the past month of soccer-y goodness.

In anticipation of this weekend's final, we've compiled a list of our favorite 2014 World Cup moments so far. Let us know your own personal favorites in comments section bellow.

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11 High School Books You Should Reread

Kamil Porembinski via Flickr
You can't judge a book by its cover or by the first time you read it in school.
If we take a moment to be honest with ourselves, we'll admit that we didn't really read anything in high school. And if you're anything like us, you probably leaned a little more on SparkNotes and CliffsNotes to get through English class than you'd be proud to admit. Even the ones we did read all the way through, we really can't say that we retained much more than the barebones plot. Sorry, English teachers.

Thankfully, in our copious amount of free time since high school, we've returned to these classics and discovered there was a reason our teachers assigned them: These books are good. Duh. So learn from our mistakes and take a look at some of the books that you haven't touched since high school but should give a second chance.

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10 Favorite Drag Queens in Metro Phoenix

Janessa Hilliard
The Legendary Barbra Seville primps backstage during "ShowTime" at The Bar on Central.

Usually when life's a drag, it's not by choice. For these ten ladies drag wasn't a choice either, but rather a calling. From veterans to newcomers and everything in between, here are 10 of our favorite men known for primping, pinning, and tucking to become some of the Valley's most recognized and followed female impersonators.

We hung around the best gay bars in Phoenix to find our favorite leading ladies who always win us over with their sass, charm, and penchant for big, big hair.

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