10 Young-Adult Books to Read This Summer

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Give YA a chance. You won't regret it.
Young-adult books have gotten a bad rap, if you ask us. Yes, sometimes YA fiction lives up to all of its negative stereotypes with angsty teenagers trying to figure out what makes them special, dejected kids trying to find their place in the world, and star-crossed, mildly masochistic lovers (ahem, Bella and Edward) fighting all odds to be with each other.

But sometimes YA books transcend the stigma of their genre and speak to themes and issues that any adult can relate to. Because, if we're honest, feelings of loneliness and helplessness, confusion and doubt of one's worth, and the magic of falling in love don't end after one has reached full-blown adulthood, whatever that is.

We're sure there are countless books that fit the bill, including obvious ones like the Harry Potter and Hunger Games series that we are skipping because everyone should have read those already, but here are 10 young-adult books that every grownup should read, in no particular order.

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10 TV Shows That Should Be Canceled

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We should probably just go right ahead and put it out there. We like TV. We like TV a lot, perhaps a little too much at times. But lately, it is getting harder and harder to find a show we want to continue watching after one season.

Some of you may share our pain, and as the news comes out that shows are either being cancelled or renewed, it becomes hard to justify continuing to watch many of them. Some of the shows on our list were once great, but some were never great. As exemplified by the finally over CBS hit So I Married a Bass Player But Then She Died and I Got Back Together with my Ex (you might know it as How I Met Your Mother), some shows really do overstay their welcome.

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10 Cool Things We Saw at Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market in Scottsdale

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Katie Johnson
Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market returns to WestWorld of Scottsdale Scottsdale, September 20.
The Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market returned to WestWorld of Scottsdale on Saturday, May 3, and we feel pretty certain of one thing: We didn't bring nearly enough cash.

That's not to say that market items were overpriced. Truth be told, with the exception of a few furniture pieces that cost more than your car, vendors were fair and free to bargain. But with over 170 booths selling vintage, re-purposed, or handmade furnishings and fashion, budgeted shoppers ultimately had to make though choices among the countless salvaged treasures. Here are 10 of the coolest ones we saw.

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10 Must-See Plays in Metro Phoenix This Spring

Sam Miller
Emily Giauque Evans goes out there as a youngster but comes back a star, in Dames at Sea.
In our groundhog-free city, the astronomically defined season of spring can still be rather delightful, even if the weather doesn't feel that much different from autumn or even winter. Skies are blue, everything smells good (well, better than usual, anyway), and our typically understated vegetation is at its greenest, fluffiest pre-brushfire peak.

When all is fresh and new, and cats and dogs are having lots of sex, it's a great time to look at the rest of the theater season and scope out what you want to nail (other than the shows you already picked out months ago). So here we go, from equinox to solstice, in order of opening dates. Click on the theater links in the headings for tickets and more info:

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10 Favorite Tourist Attractions in Metro Phoenix

Andrew Pielage

After having lived in a place for a while, it's easy to get caught up in routine and forget about exploring the places that make our cities destinations.

Putting on your tourist cap should be fun. And that's why we've gathered up our 10 favorite tourist attractions in (and around) Phoenix that are fun for visitors -- and locals, too.

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10 Places to Party for Spring Break in Metro Phoenix

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Benjamin Leatherman
Being at El Santo is basically like being in Mexico without being in Mexico.

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, we're aware that it's been in the low 80s lately and there is a greater chance of Aaron Carter and Hilary Duff getting back together than there is of Phoenix getting any snow. Get on our level. We're not talking about Christmas; we're talking spring break.

But, before you go jetting off to San Diego or cruising down to Rocky Point, don't underestimate staying right here in town to celebrate your scholastic break. There is plenty to do, and we've wrangled up the 10 best places in Phoenix to party this spring break.

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Laurie Notaro's 10 Rules for Writing a Book (WARNING: Violence Ahead)

Anonymous Account via Flickr
Laurie Notaro has a few rules when it comes to writing a book.
I am living in 1927, in London, Scotland, Paris, and Florida. I ride in Rolls-Royces, wear the jewels from the ancient crown of Poland and Catherine the Great, I am married, divorced, widowed, divorced, I have millions and I have pretty close to nothing. I am a silent screen actress, a beauty contest winner, the heir to a coffee fortune, the richest woman in England. My father was offered the Viceroyship of India and the throne of Albania (which he wisely refused). I stay at Claridge's when in London but in Florida, my mother makes my clothes. I have a new York accent, an English inflection, and an Alabama drawl.

I am writing a book. I am 50 characters and I have six weeks to finish telling their story. I'll make it, but only if my world is kept in precise, perfect order and the rest of the world can stay quiet.

These are the rules for writing a book:

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10 Super Bowl 2014 Parties in Metro Phoenix

Courtesy Flickr user: benzado
Whether your interests lie in the Puppy Bowl, Kitten Bowl, or Super Bowl XLVIII, chances are you'll want to have something planned for the quasi-holiday that is Super Bowl Sunday, when the Settle Seahawks go head to head with the Denver Broncos .

That's why we've rounded up plenty of options for this list of 10 Super Bowl parties in metro Phoenix.

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10 Best Sex Scenes of 2013 (NSFW)

This past year was a hot one. When it came to drawing the lines between cinema, erotica, and straight-up pornography, 2013 taught us that in the end that it's really just one big clusterfuck -- no pun intended.

From movies to television and the big screen to privacy of your own laptop, here are the 10 best sex scenes of the year.

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The 10 Best Things I Saw in Metro Phoenix in 2013

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Andrew Pielage
Let's look back on 2013, starting with Ib Andersen's Topia.

2013, it's been real -- and really, really busy. That was especially true when trying to take in as much art, culture, comedy, architecture, and anything else I could get my eyes on this past year in Phoenix. In no particular order, here are the best things I saw.

Topia at Desert Botanical Garden
Sitting in a parking lot during Arizona's early summer sounds plenty unappealing, but during Ballet Arizona's Topia, that initial setting dissatisfaction fell by the wayside quicker than the sun set behind the dancers. With the Papago Buttes as its backdrop, the corps of dancers took to the 80-foot-long stage installed in Desert Botanical Garden's parking lot and performed artistic director Ib Andersen's Beethoven-soundtracked choreography for the second year in a row. Unfortunately, the show didn't make it onto the company's 2013-14 performance schedule, but here's hoping they'll remount the site-specific work in 2015.

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