9 Best Costumes at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 2014

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Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
A horde of Deadpools take aim at nacho-eating foe at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest.
The first-ever Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest out at University of Phoenix Stadium this past weekend wasn't what you'd call packed. Sure, it was definitely well-attended, very busy with patrons at certain points, and constantly filled with lively activity, but nowhere close to being the wall-to-wall chaotic hive of geeky humanity that is its big sister. And that's not to the Fan Fest's detriment by any means. Quite the contrary.

The smaller scope and attendance of the three-day fan gathering in comparison to Comicon afforded more and somewhat longer opportunities to interact with vendors, dealers, or those in Artist's Alley, or without having to worry someone behind you potentially getting a case of nerd rage out of impatience.

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25 Best Holiday Events in Metro Phoenix

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Courtesy of CityScape
The most wonderful time of the year just might also be the busiest.

Between theatrical productions of your favorite holiday films, ugly sweater parties, and Christmas light displays that put your own front-yard installation to shame -- forget going away for the holidays, you have enough to do here. Mark your advent calendars, people, because here are our 25 top picks for holiday events in metro Phoenix.

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5 Must-See Movies in Metro Phoenix in November

Courtesy of Warner Bros.
You think Matthew McConaughey is spaced out now? Just wait 'til you see this Christopher Nolan movie.
Happy November, movie lovers. It's going to be a busy month for you full of intense dramas, artsy thrillers, and riveting documentaries. Don't get overwhelmed, though. Despite the rapidly approaching Oscar season rush of films, we have five movies that you can't miss this month -- including one for the McConaughnauts out there.

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The 20 Scariest Horror Films of All Time

Courtesy of Warner Bros.
Here's Johnny! -- with 20 movies that'll scare the living daylights out of you.
'Tis the season to stay up late and be kept up even later by watching ultra-creepy horror flicks to prepare for Halloween. It's hard to pick just 20 favorite films out of an entire genre dedicated to suspense and spooks. From the 1930s all the way until the 2000s, scary movies have spanned the history of filmmaking for a reason: They're addicting to watch, even though you might have to look away from time to time. You might miss some of the gorier details, but as long as you don't miss these 20 movies, you'll be in good shape.

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5 Best Stores for Sneakerheads in Metro Phoenix

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Josh Chesler
High Point Shoes, owned by former Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson, is one of the premier sneaker shops in the Phoenix area.

Sneakerheads in metro Phoenix have always faced a difficult challenge. Simply put, there are too many sneakerheads and not enough sneaker stores in the Valley for everyone to get the releases they want the most. Unlike in New York, where we've seen extremely limited sneakers sit on mall shelves for weeks, the relatively small number of sneaker stores in Arizona means that many limited releases will be completely gone within hours of stores opening their doors at many of the corporate chains like Footlocker, Champs, or the Nike Store in Scottsdale.

If you're looking for sneakers in and around Phoenix, here are five locally owned businesses where you might have better luck finding your kicks.

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10 Must-See Movies at Scottsdale International Film Festival 2014

Courtesy of StudioCanal
Benedict Cumberbatch stars in this true story about a genius World War II code cracker.
Well, ladies and gentleman, the time has almost come for the 14th annual Scottsdale International Film Festival to begin screening extraordinary movies from across the globe. With 40 films in this year's lineup, it's no easy task to decide which films you'll see and which you'll have to skip between Thursday, October 9, and Monday, October 13. We've narrowed the list down to 10 of the top films screening at the event, just in case you're having some difficulty deciding. And, yes, you can catch Benedict Cumberbatch's new movie at the festival.

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The 5 Coolest Sneakers We Saw at Heated Sole Summit in Phoenix

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Josh Chesler
While the event was (as expected) mostly Jordans, a few tables had serious Kobe collections like this.

One of Phoenix's biggest sneaker events, Heated Sole Summit, took place on October 4 at Bourgade Catholic High School.

The fourth Heated Sole Summit event brought sneakerheads from all over the state together for a cause, and to buy, sell, or trade their rare kicks.

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5 Must-See First Friday Shows in Phoenix on October 3

Photo by Kathleen Vanesian.
"The Monarch" by Christine Ramirez, acrylic polyurethane on panel, from the "Chaos Theory 14" exhibition in October 2013.

First Friday heats up tonight with creative works going up all over the city. Here are our picks for shows you will not want to miss this Friday.

"Chaos Theory 15"

Let the pandemonium ensue. The annual collaborative exhibition "Chaos Theory" is back for its 15th installment with just as many artists and wild artworks as ever before. Both returning and new artists make up the 68 participating creatives lending their interpretations to build a whirlwind world for First Friday art fanatics.

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The 10 Best Simpsons Episodes Ever

Come October, this will basically be us.
UPDATE: Simpsons World launches on October 21 at www.simpsonsworld.com.

With FX's "Simpsons World" set to launch sometime in October 21, it's only a short matter of time before fans of The Simpsons find themselves glued to the couch, calling in sick to work, and binge-watching episodes until their eyes fall out, Itchy and Scratchy style. "Simpsons World" will offer every episode of the series for streaming via the FXNOW app. Though some fans might want to start from the beginning, it might be a bit less daunting to sample some of The Simpsons' greatest hits before committing to such a project.

While would could hardly say that there are only 10 great Simpsons episodes (that would be blasphemy), we do know the 10 we'll be watching as soon as the all-inclusive app rolls out.

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5 Cool Things We Saw at ARTELPHX Fall 2014 at The Clarendon

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Evie Carpenter
Matthew Mosher's interactive "What We Have Lost / What We Have Gained" was definitely a crowd favorite.
After the ARTELPHX Spring 2014 show this past May, we wondered how the fall show would measure up. But measure up it did. With more clearly scheduled performances and innovative, thought-provoking, and downright cool installations from over 20 artists spread throughout the exterior corridors of the Clarendon Hotel, ARTELPHX Fall 2014, the third edition of ARTELPHX, not only measured up to but may have even surpassed last May's show.

While all of the pieces shown were interesting, there were five installations and performances that set the bar higher than ever for the next ARTELPHX event.

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