9 Indoor Activities to Do During Arizona's Monsoon Season

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Josh Chesler
Adult pickup hockey games take place at the Ice Den several days per week.

Summer dust storms are a part of living in Arizona, and they make for some spectacular photographs. But it's no fun to be caught out on a field or in the pool when a monsoon rolls through. At best, you end up with a face full of dust. At worst, you could get struck by lightning.

Considering that we're in for about two or three more months of scattered evening storms, it's good idea to explore some of the Valley's indoor options to stay active. Here are nine of our favorites.

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5 Coolest Apartment Complexes in Tempe

Katie Johnson
If you recognize this mural by Soldier Leisure, chances are you'll know one of the apartments on this list.
If you're still looking for a loft or apartment in Tempe, the clock is ticking. And while some of the more coveted complexes are already leased out it, it doesn't hurt to make a mental note for next time. From affluent ASU-adjacent digs to small-scale Sun Devil living, here are our picks for the five coolest apartments in Tempe.

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6 Art Exhibitions to See in Metro Phoenix This Summer

Katrina Montgomery
Phoenix Art Museum's massive Antonio Berni show is a must-see.

It's easy to feel sluggish during the Phoenix summers, but that's no excuse for becoming a total shut-in. You know what museums and galleries have (in addition to really great art)? Air conditioning. And if that's not enough to get you excited, the artwork will be.

To help you out, we've compiled a list of our top six must-see exhibitions taking place across the Valley over the next few months. So get out there and see some art.

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5 Must-See Movies in Metro Phoenix in July

Courtesy of IFC Films
This upcoming release explores adolescence like never before.
It's time for things to get a little trippy this summer in the movie theatre. From monkeys taking over the earth to a new joint by cult favorite Alejandro Jodorowsky, there's a lot of weird stuff to see this month at movie houses all over the Valley that will, like, totally blow your mind, man.

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10 Favorite Drag Queens in Metro Phoenix

Janessa Hilliard
The Legendary Barbra Seville primps backstage during "ShowTime" at The Bar on Central.

Usually when life's a drag, it's not by choice. For these ten ladies drag wasn't a choice either, but rather a calling. From veterans to newcomers and everything in between, here are 10 of our favorite men known for primping, pinning, and tucking to become some of the Valley's most recognized and followed female impersonators.

We hung around the best gay bars in Phoenix to find our favorite leading ladies who always win us over with their sass, charm, and penchant for big, big hair.

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5 Places to Visit in Arizona

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Dyniss Rainer via Flickr


Okay, so this hippy-dippy town is an obvious destination for any city dweller to head once Phoenix temperatures hit triple digits. Sometimes obvious is good. Known for its red rocks and preponderance of magical thinking, this gorgeous resort town about 120 miles north of Phoenix is a top-of-the-list getaway.

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10 Best Gay Bars in Metro Phoenix

Katie Johnson
Savannah Steves performs at Ice Pics Video Bar.
Time to let your rainbow flag fly. Whether you're gay, straight, lesbian, or transgender, the Valley has a growing number of places for drag queens to shake it, karaoke lovers to sing it, and soaking wet go-go dancers to, well, show it. Here are our 10 favorite gay bars in metro Phoenix.

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5 Places to Watch the World Cup in Metro Phoenix

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Courtesy of FIFA
Spectators of the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro can watch some of the games at MaracanĂ£ Stadium.

It's that time again, when soccer fans around the world crowd into pubs at every hour of the day to watch their teams battle it out in the World Cup. Some fans travel the world to attend the games, but many watch from the comfort of their local pub.

The World Cup kicks off on Thursday, June 12, with Croatia facing the host country Brazil at 1 p.m. Phoenix area hangouts are gearing up to give fans a place to watch all of the excitement.

Here are our picks for places to watch the World Cup.

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10 Best Staycation Spots in Metro Phoenix

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Luster Kaboom
Escapes don't have to be far away destinations.

If all escape routes out of town seem to be closing for you right now, don't worry -- you can get away mentally without ever leaving the Valley. While the tourism industry booms in Phoenix in the winter and spring, many great resorts and hotels lure locals during the summer months with great deals and the promise of much-needed R 'n' R. Poker and slots, poolside cocktails, vintage vibes, breathtaking views, and some of the Valley's best restaurants wait for your next staycation at these 10 spots.

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5 Coolest Apartment Complexes in Phoenix

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Katie Johnson
When it comes to neighborhoods, we've dished the dirt on the 10 best, the five up-and-comers, and the five most expensive. Now it's time to cater to cribs that keep you tuned in without being tied down. Yep, it's time to take a look at Phoenix's coolest apartments. From Grand Avenue and Midtown to Roosevelt Row and downtown central, here are our top five picks for renting in the city.

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