5 Things to Do in Metro Phoenix This Week

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Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, Foprocine, FONCA, Totora Films

Eufrosina's Revolution

In 2007, Eufrosina Cruz Mendoza lost a mayoral race in Oaxaca, Mexico. It wasn't because she lacked votes; she had plenty to be elected. But her win was denied because of her sex.

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7 Best Group Bike Rides in Metro Phoenix

Janessa Hilliard
Phoenix bike rack at The Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix, created by Ruben Gonzales of The Lab Pop-Up Gallery.

For those who prefer the bike lane to the HOV, there are plenty of group cycling rides criss-crossing the metro area. Each began with the goals of combating car-centric culture and, more often than not, pounding a refreshing pint or pitcher. Here are the top seven regular rides around city streets.

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7 Games We Want to Play at ZapCon 2014 in Phoenix

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Benjamin Leatherman
View a slideshow of ZapCon 2013.
We're looking forward to reuniting with a few old friends this weekend. These are characters we haven't encountered in ages. They are a bit colorful and animated, to say the least, and go by such unusual names as Jumpman, Contestant One, Liu Kang, and Rastan.

They're the pixelated heroes of the dozens upon dozens of arcade classics that will be available for play at Zapcon 2014 on Saturday and Sunday at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel.

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10 Cool Things We Saw at the 2014 Modern Phoenix Home Tour of Arcadia

Becky Bartkowski
One standout stop along the tour was in the Ingleside Inn neighborhood.

Modern Phoenix's 2014 home tour found Midcentury Modern fans trekking through greater Arcadia on Sunday, April 6, to take a peek into homes with vintage (and curb) appeal.

With 16 residential stops and a nice sampling of Arizona's most notable architects, including Paolo Soleri, Al Beadle, and Ralph Haver, the sold-out event featured homes and condos that ranged from full-on remodels to well preserved gems. Here are the 10 coolest things -- from cement blocks to a cantilever porch -- that Jackalope Ranch spotted during the must-attend event.

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17 Favorite Places to Shop in Phoenix

Sarah Hurwitz
Quick PHX is your pocket guide to the city.

Quick PHX, our annual pocket guide to art, shopping, and partying in Phoenix, is on stands now. Illustrated by Sarah Hurwitz, the hand-held guide will keep you busy this weekend and beyond.

Here are our 17 favorite shopping spots in Phoenix.

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5 Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Metro Phoenix

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Katie Johnson
A high-end Silverleaf home comes complete with breathtaking views of North Scottsdale.

Because you never know when you might buy the winning lotto ticket or strike oil in your own backyard, Jackalope Ranch has put together a list of the five most expensive neighborhoods in metro Phoenix. To assemble this list of costly communities, we looked at neighborhoods with the highest average price of listed homes. Not surprisingly, the majority of high-dollar homes resided in the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley areas.

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30 Must-Attend Spring Events in Metro Phoenix

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Courtesy Flickr user: Dru Bloomfield
Tourists and locals agree, spring is Arizona's time to shine between the sports, shows, conventions, and exhibitions. With so much going on in just one season, it's time to get off the couch and get planning.

Here are Jackalope Ranch's top 30 events to attend this spring.

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10 Favorite Tourist Attractions in Metro Phoenix

Andrew Pielage

After having lived in a place for a while, it's easy to get caught up in routine and forget about exploring the places that make our cities destinations.

Putting on your tourist cap should be fun. And that's why we've gathered up our 10 favorite tourist attractions in (and around) Phoenix that are fun for visitors -- and locals, too.

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14 St. Patrick's Day Parties in Metro Phoenix

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Benjamin Leatherman
Got green? You'll need in on Saint Patrick's Day.
There are a few things that are almost guaranteed to happen during St. Patrick's Day: funny hats and green beads will be worn by many a bar patron, bad imitations of Irish accents will be proffered by the inebriated, and endless gallons of emerald-colored beer will be quaffed.

Such things are de rigueur for the Irish holiday and can likely be found at almost every single green-themed party and gathering in metro Phoenix that will take place from Friday, March 14, until Monday, March 17.

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10 Greatest Movie Antiheroes of All Time

I drink it up!
With last week's super-exciting, highly anticipated release of the Sin City 2 trailer, we got to thinking about great antiheroes in film over the years. Certainly Mickey Rourke's Marv comes to mind, along with most other characters in the film that aren't just-plain evil, but we've found 10 more of our favorite all-time goodish, baddish main characters that might make you feel conflicted when you start to root for them.

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