5 Great Beginner Hikes in Metro Phoenix

Zaida Dedolph
Cave Creek Regional Park is a great place for a half-day hike.

According to a new survey by Mashable and Match.com, "hike" is the most commonly used word in online dating profiles in the state of Arizona. We believe it -- and with so many gorgeous desert trail options in or near Phoenix, we can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to go take a hike. If you're new to the Valley, or if you're just getting started at the hiking game, here's a list of relatively easy local trails to get you started.

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7 Must-See Third Friday Shows in Phoenix on April 17

Courtesy of Lauren Strohacker
Feathers are prominent in Laura Strohacker's new installation for the Hot Box Gallery.
It's all about variety this month as Third Friday April gives folks a chance to explore delicate wood burnings of moths inspired by ASU's entomology collection, acrylic paintings on watercolor paper inspired by tattoos mirroring traditional Japanese artwork, and an immersive world of plant-laden I.V. bags inspired by losing a young person to leukemia.

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8 Cool Things We Saw During ASU Grant Street Open Studios in Phoenix

Mikey Estes
View of Rachel Goodwin's studio at Grant Street Studios.

Over the weekend, The Art Grads (TAG), a new student organization at Arizona State University, hosted a two-day open studio event at Grant Street Studios. These emerging artists displayed their work in pop-up exhibitions throughout the building, had a red-tag sale with affordable art, and opened up their studios to the public. If there have been ASU open studio events before, they haven't been as comprehensive and inviting as this one.

The building hosts a large group of artists from varying disciplines -- fibers, intermedia, sculpture, painting, drawing and photography. The only departments that aren't there yet are printmaking and ceramics, but their work was on display in a pop-up exhibition. We picked out some of our favorite things that we saw.

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10 Best Art Galleries in Metro Phoenix

Lynn Trimble
Modified Arts in Roosevelt Row is also home to Local First Arizona.
Metro Phoenix is home to a cool assortment of art galleries exhibiting works by local, national, and international artists. Most show works in a wide variety of media, and many show works by both emerging and established artists. They've all got a different feel, so whatever your interests and tastes, you'll find something that catches your fancy.

But 10 metro Phoenix galleries stand above the rest. One is a converted shipping container, and two are located in former warehouses. Another is subterranean, and one sits on the second story of a quaint retail complex. One is owned by a city, and a couple are owned by community activists. Here are our favorites.

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8 Spring Workshops to Take in Metro Phoenix

Categories: Fun, Top Lists

Evie Carpenter
Start your spring off right by learning a new skill, like letterpress from Phoenix Print Studio.
Out with the old and in with the new, they say. This spring, we're going to go ahead and assume this is talking about hobbies and skills too. While we're not exactly sure it's possible to get rid of old talents, we are sure that's there's always room for improvement, especially when it comes to things like Bollywood dancing, making snail mail, and painting with beeswax.

We've collected eight workshops to help you better yourself or at least expand your interests and abilities this spring. And who know? In a couple months, you could be improv-ing or letter-pressing with the best of 'em.

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State of the Arts: 10 Things Phoenix Needs to Do

Carrie Hobson
Phoenix's arts community is at a make-or-break moment. It's time to grow up.

Consider yourself on notice, Phoenix. Here are 10 things to do in the next three years.

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6 Must-See Third Friday Art Shows in Phoenix on March 20

Courtesy of Halt Gallery
Work by Lena Klett featured in "Subliminal" at Halt Gallery in the Roosevelt Row A.R.T.S. Market.
We've finally hit the art-meets-weather sweet spot, when temperatures are just right for making the art walk rounds during First and Third Fridays. A whole new crop of shows opens this week, and some cool shows are about to close. So start early, and enjoy this mix of art and nice weather while it lasts.

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15 Must-See Plays in Metro Phoenix This Spring

Categories: Theater, Top Lists

Photo by Jeremy Daniel
Bianca Marroquin stars as Roxie Hart in the Broadway musical, Chicago, coming to Gammage Auditorium this spring.
They can sing, they can dance, after all this is -- well, okay, it's not France, but Phoenix will get its fair share of talented actors taking to the stage for the spring season. Between Broadway musicals, Shakespearian adaptations, and centerstage comedies, we've found 15 good reasons to start buying your theater tickets now.

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8 Must-See Art Shows in Metro Phoenix This Spring

Courtesy of Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum
"Chamber Music: A Mostly Silent Installation" by Diane Gilbert (detail) is now on view at Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum.
An artist who created a fictional queer family history. An artist best known for rendering soup cans. An artist who works with bits of screen and guitar strings. They're all part of spring exhibitions in metro Phoenix, which invite reflection on everything from the commodification of nature to the cult of celebrity. Here are eight art shows not to miss.

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10 Hilariously Nerdy Pick-Up Lines

Categories: Fun, Top Lists

Daniel Zedda/Flickr
Nerd's the word. Use these at your own risk.

Hey, nerds need love, too.

Just because you're a Trekkie or can name every township in Middle Earth doesn't mean you don't need a little something to make that hot muggle across the bar (or at the next booth over at Comicon) laugh. Here are 10 pick-up lines that'll give you a shot to, ahem, Slytherin to bed with someone.

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