10 Metro Phoenix Athletes to Follow on Instagram

There's been a lot of Instagram love for the artists and photographers in the Phoenix area, but for a city with four major sports teams and a wide variety of other athletes, it's time to venture into the realm of athletes worthy of a follow on Instagram.

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UFC Is Coming to US Airways Center

Categories: Events, Sports

Mark Richardson/Flickr
And it'll look something like this.

UFC, the premier organization for mixed martial arts, is hosting its first-ever event in Arizona on Saturday, December 13 at the US Airways Center. It will be broadcast internationally as the UFC's 13th event on Fox.

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Scottsdale MMA Fighter Terrin Yazzie Takes Pride in Navajo Roots

Categories: Sports

Josh Chesler
Terrin Yazzie trains on a heavy bag at Impact MMA after other fighters have already left.

For many professional mixed martial arts fighters, training, dieting, and preparing to step into the cage with someone who wants to knock or choke them unconscious requires more work ethic and dedication than anything else. For Terrin Yazzie, who has spent a good portion of his life on the Navajo nation in northern Arizona, fighting isn't even as strenuous as a normal summer day during his childhood.

Yazzie, 30, went to school in the Valley but would go back to the Navajo nation to see his extended family for the summers of his youth.

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World Cup 2014: The 10 Most Memorable Moments

Courtesy of FIFA
The 2014 World Cup comes to a close this weekend.

We're not sure if it's just the social media buzz, but it sure feels like the 2014 World Cup has been one for the books. From a player with vampire-like tendencies to teams that can really get their groove on, we've been entertained in unexpected ways over the past month of soccer-y goodness.

In anticipation of this weekend's final, we've compiled a list of our favorite 2014 World Cup moments so far. Let us know your own personal favorites in comments section bellow.

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5 Tips for Summer Skateboarding in Metro Phoenix

Categories: Outdoors, Sports

Mor Gnar via Flickr
Skateboarding takes its toll, especially in the summertime.

Arizona has a wealth of things to enjoy for outdoorsy types, and for those who enjoy skateboarding are no exception. There are more than 20 various skateparks and other great spots to hit around the Valley such as The Wedge and Desert West. But during summer, it's just not as easy to enjoy all the pleasures that skateboarding has to offer. Skateboarding can be taxing and exhausting in the most ideal conditions, and with the heat it can be flat out dangerous. These five tips will help skateboarders navigate the sweltering summer conditions.

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10 Oddball Sports to Play in Metro Phoenix

Futsal is a version of soccer that uses a smaller, indoor court.

Overshadowed by their more mainstream counterparts (we're looking at you, football), there are plenty of less-known sports out there. And not only are they out there, but many of them have competitive leagues right here in Arizona. We like to call them the oddballs. From variations on horseshoes to water polo played with inner tubes, these sports offer fun and sometimes funny ways to pass the time.

Here are 10 oddball sports and where to play them in the Phoenix area.

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TopGolf Now Open in Scottsdale

Categories: Fun, Sports

Lauren Hornberger
The course at TopGolf features different targets that guests aim for.

There is a new kind of golf in Scottsdale that is changing the way people see the driving range. TopGolf, an upscale golf entertainment facility that incorporates gaming and golf, is officially open.

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5 Places to Watch the World Cup in Metro Phoenix

Categories: Sports, Top Lists

Courtesy of FIFA
Spectators of the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro can watch some of the games at MaracanĂŁ Stadium.

It's that time again, when soccer fans around the world crowd into pubs at every hour of the day to watch their teams battle it out in the World Cup. Some fans travel the world to attend the games, but many watch from the comfort of their local pub.

The World Cup kicks off on Thursday, June 12, with Croatia facing the host country Brazil at 1 p.m. Phoenix area hangouts are gearing up to give fans a place to watch all of the excitement.

Here are our picks for places to watch the World Cup.

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10 Things to Know About Arizona United Soccer Club

Courtesy of Arizona United SC
The 2014 starting line up for Arizona United SC.

Arizona United Soccer Club is making comeback that will go down in Arizona soccer history. From finishing at the bottom of the pack during the soccer team's inaugural season last year as the Phoenix FC Wolves to changes in ownership and a complete turnaround of operations and players, the sophomore squad has proven that soccer in Arizona can be successful.

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Tucson Soccer Player Odaine Sinclair Scores with a Bicycle Kick

Categories: Sports

Screenshot via YouTube
FC Tucson soccer player Odaine Sinclair prepares to land a mid-air bicycle kick.
A little over a week from now, the airwaves will be filled with spectacular soccer highlights being beamed straight from Brazil as the World Cup kicks off down in Rio de Janeiro.

But as impressive as we expect all of this footage of fĂștbol agility and talent will be, it might not be as astounding as one insane soccer move that took place recently right here in Arizona, which (last we checked) isn't exactly the world capital of the sport.

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