5 Most Ridiculous Craigslist Missed Connections in Metro Phoenix in April

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If you've felt down this month over a lack of lovin', you can take solace in the fact that you weren't missed by any of the Craigslist posters on this list. From odd locales and sticky situations to misguided attempts at attraction and basic English, we found the past month's best Missed Connections.

And by best, we mean worst.

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5 Most Ridiculous Craigslist Missed Connections in Metro Phoenix in March

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Viewer discretion is advised.
The guiltiest pleasure of all Internet interactions for us is the Craigslist Missed Connection section. So many awkward encounters and many more horribly skewed perceptions of what's going to attract the opposite sex makes it irresistible scrolling material on any long, boring day at work. Sure, maybe we're hoping that someday someone will miss a connection with us and feel compelled to post, but mostly it's just the best form of people-watching you can do in the Internet age.

Here's what people were missing in March:

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Here's Why Gender-Reveal Parties Are the Worst

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Invitation to Mars/Etsy

Most everybody loves an excuse to attend a good party. But these days, there seems to be more and more invites to the self-absorbed and self-indulgent kind, which lack the aforementioned "good" part. Before you make it to your girlfriend's wedding you will have most likely attended her engagement party, bridal shower, and bachelorette party. Including the wedding that's three gifts expected plus the cost of attending the bachelorette party and paying for your friend, not to mention a total of four parties dedicated to "celebrating her."

Although the party and gift-giving traditions for weddings is a rant-worthy blog itself, we're actually here to discuss the latest trend in an even more annoying party category: the ones involving babies. In an effort to come up with yet another way to indulge one's narcissism and the need for attention, trend-abiding couples have started throwing gender reveal parties.

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7 Ways Social Media Is Ruining Your Social Life

Flickr via Dreamcatcher photos

Social media has become a part of our daily routine as much as brushing our teeth or putting on shoes. The irony is that social media can stop you from having an exciting social life. Think about it this way: Every time you look down to check your phone, not only does gravity pull down your face, but your next BFF or love interest could pass you by. Here are seven ways social media could be ruining your life at this very moment.

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Top 5 Subversive but Technically Permitted Ways to Use PhotoYOLO

Julie Peterson
Rule 34 -- there's no getting around it.
Remember how -- uh, we mean, remember reading about how powerhouse Zynga game Farmville made money based on, among other things, how often the players clicked, and how craftily designed it was to make you want to keep doing the same thing over and over for very little reward? (Three years sober.) We hear that Candy Crush is similar, except that it's even more difficult to resist the siren call of giving them some money so that you can level up faster.

That's all old news, on today's Internet. Now the entire world of media is your farm, and every app, feed, and pointless twist on what's still naively referred to as "social" media is that breed of goat you still don't have.

Today, it's PhotoYOLO, something that seems sweet and innocent and horizon-expanding: One safe-for-work snapshot from one subscriber per day goes out to all the others -- "One photo a day in your inbox, from a friend you just haven't met yet."

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Instagram vs. Vine: Pros, Cons, and Tips


"RIP Vine."

That was the proclamation across social media last month when everyone's favorite photo app, Instagram, unleashed its new, fancy video feature. Loaded with fifteen seconds to fill, thirteen filters, and editing capabilities, what's not to love? Why would anyone want to keep Vine, the hipster-friendly, no-filter, six-second video app?

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Give Up on These 5 Impossible Hair Trends

Don't try tie-dye.
Hair chalking, pastel locks, and intricate braids can be fun to try, but they also can be hard on your hair and impossible to do without an extra set of hands. Yeah, your favorite pinners and bloggers might make these hair trends look glamorous. Unfortunately, unless you're a celebrity with a personal hair stylist or a collector of hair tools, these styles are hard to maintain. Here are five that you shouldn't even bother attempting.

Tie-Dye Hair: Trying to add some funk in your life? Go get a new top or some funky shoes instead of DIY destruction on your locks. This hair trend should only be attempted by a professional -- and even then it takes the right person to pull it off.

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TEDxPhoenixChange Talks by Amy Scerra, Bob Beard, and Chell Roberts are Online, Plus an Art Project Launch by Safwat Saleem

If you missed TEDxPhoenixChange on April 7, the event's organizers have good news -- you can catch up with the ideas shared and questions explored online.

The four talks, given by Amy Scerra, Bob Beard, Chell Robert, and Safwat Saleem aimed to disrupt the community (in a good way) and get people to talk about their ideas, projects, hypotheses, and challenges for Phoenix.

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- Greetings from Nowhere: Safwat Saleem's Letterpress Holiday Cards
- TEDxPhoenixChange Talks Geek Culture, Business Growth, and Community Activism

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The Best Marriage Equality Memes from Around the Web

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The Rothko via knowyourmeme.com
The U.S. Supreme Court is currently hearing arguments in Hollingsworth v. Perry, a case that will decide whether California's Prop 8 (stating marriage can only be between a woman and a man) is constitutional. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in United States v. Windsor, a case that will determine the course for the Defense of Marriage Act.

And while they're likely busy debating in the courtroom, we've made ourselves useful changing profile pictures, showing support for all of our friends, and, of course, spreading equality memes across the Internet. Here are a few of our favorites:

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- George Takei Reads Fifty Shades of Grey (VIDEO)

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New Times Unveils Latest City App for iPhone and Android

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Brand new versions of the Phoenix New Times apps are now available on iTunes and Google Play. The apps are loaded with new features. Check 'em out and download them now.

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