WWE Legend Mick Foley on Getting Disqualified from the Wing Bowl and Why He Treats Storytelling Like Wrestling

Courtesy of Standup Live
WWE Hall of Famer and storyteller Mick Foley.
Mick Foley lives for entertaining a crowd, and it's something he's been doing for most of his life.

For almost three decades, the now-retired pro wrestler was a star of the ring in the WWE and other notable promotions. He also has been a best-selling author, made several appearances on Comedy Central's The Daily Show (sometimes as the program's "resident ass-kicker") and even shown up in a College Humor video. These days, Foley tours the world as a storyteller, appearing in comedy clubs and other venues and sharing his oftentimes humorous and captivating tales of his wrestling career and other misadventures.

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WWE to Return to Phoenix's Talking Stick Resort Arena in March

Benjamin Leatherman
WWE superstar Seth Rollins poses at a taping of Smackdown in Phoenix last year.
Pro wrestling fans of the Valley, better start planning your posters. The superstars of the WWE are heading back our way in the near future and are planning to rumble inside the Talking Stick Resort Arena (formerly known as US Airways Center) in downtown Phoenix once again.

The WWE announced earlier this week that it will stage a live, non-televised event at the arena on Saturday, March 21, featuring at least a dozen current wrestlers going toe-to-toe inside the squared circle. Tickets for the event go on sale Friday, January 23.

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Lucha Libre Wrestling Comes to Phoenix's Crescent Ballroom on Saturday

Rockstar Wrestling Alliance
Los Foxstars of the Rockstar Wrestling Alliance.

Charlie Levy has a simple philosophy when it comes to the Crescent Ballroom, his venue in downtown Phoenix.

"We always try to do things at Crescent that are fun and different all the time," he says.

That's why you'll see such diverse events as comedy shows, movie screenings, spoken word gigs, fashion shows, and the weekly LGBT night, "Life's a Drag. Party Like a Queen" at the place in addition to its usual slate of music. However, on Saturday, January 10, that list will expand to include something completely different: lucha libre wrestling.

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6 Things We Learned During WWE Smackdown at US Airways Center in Phoenix

Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
Pyro goes off during the opening of WWE Smackdown at US Airways Center.
The superstars of the WWE invaded US Airways Center in downtown Phoenix on Tuesday, August 19, and not only kicked ass and took names, but also entertained a helluva lot of local wrestling fans.

The action-packed event was actually a twofer sort of deal, as the WWE taped a pair of its television shows -- The Main Event and Smackdown -- at the arena over the course of the evening, giving the near-sellout crowd twice their money's worth and plenty of chances to see their favorite superstars up close.

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WWE's Jimmy Uso on His Family's Wrestling Legacy and Having His Private Life Aired on Total Divas

Courtesy of WWE
Jimmy Uso unleashes a Superfly splash on an opponent inside a WWE ring.
Whenever the WWE's Jimmy Uso and his brother Jey hit the ring, they aren't so much wrestling as they are fulfilling their family's legacy. That's because both high-flying superstars are members of the Anoa'i clan, a large family of Samoan grapplers who have performed in the WWE over the past 40 years.

If you watched pro wrestling back in the day -- specifically, during the 1970s and '80s -- you might have seen the Usos' great uncles Afa and Sika beating down the competition as a part of the legendary tag team The Wild Samoans. Many others in the expansive Anoa'i family, which includes three generations of wrestlers, also became famous for their exploits in the WWE, including such stars as Yokozuna, Rosie and Jamal, The Rock, and Jimmy and Jey's father, Rikishi Fatu.

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WWE's Seth Rollins on Fighting Dean Ambrose, Their Summerslam Match, and What Daniel Bryan Taught Him About Life

Courtesy of WWE
Seth Rollins works over Rob Van Dam on an episode of WWE Raw.
If there's one life lesson we've gleamed from decades spent watching professional wrestling, its this: Your best friend could possibly turn into your worst enemy. As unthinkable as it may seem, we're willing to bet that you and your bestie could easily become frenemies (or worse), given the right set of circumstances.

It's something that happens quite often in the wrestling world, where close-knit allies (like, say, Hulk Hogan and "Macho Man" Randy Savage, who feuded both in wrestling rings and in real life) sometimes become hated enemies. Just ask WWE superstar Seth Rollins, as he's spent most of the summer battling his former storyline compatriot Dean Ambrose.

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Phoenix Police Arrest 3 in Connection With Robbery of WWE Wrestler Daniel Bryan's Home

Benjamin Leatherman
Phoenix Police Sergeant Tommy Thompson (left) with the WWE's Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella at a press conference on July 25.
The Phoenix Police Department has reportedly wrestled up a few more suspects in the recent burglary of WWE superstar Daniel Bryan's home.

According to Sergeant Tommy Thompson, a department spokesman, police arrested three individuals on Wednesday who are believed to be involved with a break-in last month at the pro wrestler's residence in Arcadia.

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WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Stops Robbery of His Phoenix Home

Benjamin Leatherman
The WWE's Daniel Bryan (left) and Brie Bella with their dog Jolie at a press conference this afternoon about the attempted robbery at their Phoenix home.
Despite the fact he's been out of action the past couple months from an injury, WWE superstar and Phoenix resident Daniel Bryan is still a badass.

On Thursday evening, the 33-year-old professional wrestler (whose real name is Brian Danielson) put the smackdown on the attempted burglary of his Arcadia home, including chasing after the two robbers involved on foot and subduing one of them. And he did it with a wrestling move, no less, specifically a rear naked choke, better known as a sleeper hold.

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5 Things We Learned at Clickjab Wrestling Fan Fest

Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
Bill Goldberg pretends to wallop an attendee of the Clickjab Wrestling Fan Fest in Phoenix on Saturday, July 19.
For a bunch of people whose fame is based on a sport that's reportedly fake, the wrestlers and legends in attendance at the Clickjab Wrestling Fan Fest this past weekend got surprisingly real.

There were no convoluted storylines, histrionic promos, goofy costumes or over-the-top characters to be had at the meet-and-greet at the Phoenix Airport Marriott on Saturday, July 19, just more than dozen world-famous ring warriors who (mostly) dropped the theatrics for an afternoon and interacted pleasantly with hundreds of their fans while signing autographs, posing for photos, and answering questions.

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Wrestling Legend Bill Goldberg on What It Takes to Be a Real Man These Days

Courtesy of Clickjab Entertainment
Bill Goldberg is scheduled to appear at Clickjab Wrestling Fan Fest on Saturday, July 19, in Phoenix.
Bill Goldberg is what you'd call a "man's man." He spent the early part of the 1990s smashing bodies in the NFL before transforming into a professional wrestler and doing much the same, mowing down opponents and becoming a legend in both the WWE and its now-defunct competitor, World Championship Wrestling.

And since leaving the ring a decade ago, the grappler formerly known as "The Man" has parlayed his fame into following many of his multifaceted passions in life (most of which are of a masculine nature) such as starring in action-packed films like The Longest Yard and Half Past Dead 2, serving as an MMA color commentator, opening his own gym, and hosting such cable TV shows as Garage Mahal and Biker Build-Off, owing to his love of muscle cars, automotive culture, and racing.

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