WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Stops Robbery of His Phoenix Home

Benjamin Leatherman
The WWE's Daniel Bryan (left) and Brie Bella with their dog Jolie at a press conference this afternoon about the attempted robbery at their Phoenix home.
Despite the fact he's been out of action the past couple months from an injury, WWE superstar and Phoenix resident Daniel Bryan is still a badass.

On Thursday evening, the 33-year-old professional wrestler (whose real name is Brian Danielson) put the smackdown on the attempted burglary of his Arcadia home, including chasing after the two robbers involved on foot and subduing one of them. And he did it with a wrestling move, no less, specifically a rear naked choke, better known as a sleeper hold.

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5 Things We Learned at Clickjab Wrestling Fan Fest

Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
Bill Goldberg pretends to wallop an attendee of the Clickjab Wrestling Fan Fest in Phoenix on Saturday, July 19.
For a bunch of people whose fame is based on a sport that's reportedly fake, the wrestlers and legends in attendance at the Clickjab Wrestling Fan Fest this past weekend got surprisingly real.

There were no convoluted storylines, histrionic promos, goofy costumes or over-the-top characters to be had at the meet-and-greet at the Phoenix Airport Marriott on Saturday, July 19, just more than dozen world-famous ring warriors who (mostly) dropped the theatrics for an afternoon and interacted pleasantly with hundreds of their fans while signing autographs, posing for photos, and answering questions.

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Wrestling Legend Bill Goldberg on What It Takes to Be a Real Man These Days

Courtesy of Clickjab Entertainment
Bill Goldberg is scheduled to appear at Clickjab Wrestling Fan Fest on Saturday, July 19, in Phoenix.
Bill Goldberg is what you'd call a "man's man." He spent the early part of the 1990s smashing bodies in the NFL before transforming into a professional wrestler and doing much the same, mowing down opponents and becoming a legend in both the WWE and its now-defunct competitor, World Championship Wrestling.

And since leaving the ring a decade ago, the grappler formerly known as "The Man" has parlayed his fame into following many of his multifaceted passions in life (most of which are of a masculine nature) such as starring in action-packed films like The Longest Yard and Half Past Dead 2, serving as an MMA color commentator, opening his own gym, and hosting such cable TV shows as Garage Mahal and Biker Build-Off, owing to his love of muscle cars, automotive culture, and racing.

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Clickjab Westling Fan Fest Brings Pro Wrestler Legends to Phoenix

Courtesy of Clickjab Entertainment
Amy Dumas (a.k.a. Lita) is scheduled to appear at the Clickjab Wrestling FanFest on Saturday, July 19, at the Phoenix Airport Marriott.
When Chris Click traveled to New Orleans earlier this year, it was probably one of the best trips of his entire life. It had nothing to do with Bourbon Street, beads, or even Mardi Gras, mind you, but rather the world of pro wrestling.

In April, the 42-year-old lifelong wrestling aficionado and Tucson resident made a pilgrimage of sorts to the Big Easy, and not only got to attend this year's WrestleMania, but also an separate, independently produced fan event called WrestleCon. Click got to meet and interact with a slew of legendary grapplers -- including Bill Goldberg, Bret "Hitman" Hart, and Adam "Edge" Copeland -- and had what he called a "fantastic time."

It was such a blast, in fact, that it helped Click, a concert and events promoter, decide that Arizona should have a wrestling fan convention of its very own.

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WWE Legend Ultimate Warrior Dies in Scottsdale

The late Ultimate Warrior (left) battles Goldust in 1996.
Pro wrestling legend James Hellwig, better known to WWE fans as the Ultimate Warrior, passed away suddenly last night in Scottsdale. He was 54 years old.

Hellwig, a longtime resident of Paradise Valley, was escorting his wife to their car last night in the parking lot of the Gainey Suites Hotel at approximately 6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 8, when he collapsed.

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WWE's Kofi Kingston on CM Punk, Walking Dead, The WWE Network, and His Royal Rumble Escapes

Courtesy of WWE
WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston
Kofi Kingston spends so much time airborne, the acrobatic WWE Superstar oughta have wings -- or even a pilot's license. Whenever the 28-year-old professional wrestler graces the squared circle on episodes of WWE's Raw or Smackdown programs, his feet seem to spend more time in the air instead of planted firmly on the canvas.

Kingston's repertoire contains a slew of spectacular-looking leaps, dives, and flips, which the 6-foot, 212-pound wrestler unleashes upon his opponents. That includes such signature maneuvers as the "SOS" and "Boom Drop," as well as his finishing move (a conceit of every grappler) known as "Trouble in Paradise."

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5 Things You Might See When WWE Raw Comes to US Airways Center August 26

Benjamin Leatherman
The crowd at US Airways Center during the Royal Rumble in January.
We don't know how up y'all are on lowbrow culture, but professional wrestling sort of a big deal in Phoenix. Locals can't seem to get enough of this rope opera, which explains why there are at least three different indie federations operating in town and the glitzy grapplers of World Wrestling Entertainment keep coming back to our area.

The WWE has held six of its pay-per-view spectaculars at local sporting facilities in the last decade, including 2010's WrestleMania XXVI inside University of Phoenix Stadium and the Royal Rumble at US Airways Center earlier this year. The arena has also hosted more than a dozen sold-out episodes of its weekly Raw slam-fests. You can add one more instance to that list later this month as the program will once again emanate from the Valley on Monday, August 26.

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Adult-Friendly Slam U Wrestling to Debut at Arizona Event Center on July 25

The wrestlers of Slam U Wrestling.
Slam U Wrestling doesn't exactly pull any punches when it comes to its hard sell. Flyers for the new Phoenix-based indie wrestling promotion declare that its monthly smackdowns, which kick off on Thursday, July 25, at the Arizona Event Center in Mesa, will be adult-oriented and feature a mix of "BANDS, BOOZE, & BLOOD!!" Meanwhile, its Facebook states that local wrestling fans can expect an "ANYTHING GOES!!" atmosphere.

And Slam U's general manager Gabriel Gallo backs up these proclamations, telling us that its brand of pro wrestling will feature risqué storylines and material, as well as other edgier aspects. Hence, the promotion is "geared more towards adults and the more rowdier type of fan." Especially those who aren't afraid to drop F-bombs.

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WWE Superstar Curtis Axel on Restoring The Intercontinental Championship Belt's Prestige

Courtesy of WWE
WWE Superstar Curtis Axel
Like in many tight-knit clans, Curtis Axel decided to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather by going into the family business. In this case, however, the family business happens to involve kicking much ass inside a wrestling ring.

The 33-year-old WWE superstar, who's real name is Joe Hennig, is the progeny of professional wrestling royalty. Both his pops (the late Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig) and grandpa (Larry "The Axe" Hennig) are widely considered to be legends in the business. It's certainly given Axel some big boots to fill, a fact that we discussed with him during a recent phone interview promoting WWE Raw's upcoming appearance at US Airways Center next month.

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Mick Foley on His Comedy Career, WWE Hall of Fame Induction, and Interaction with Triple-H

mick foley tales of wrestling past stand up live phoenix mankind cactus jack wwe.jpg
Stand Up Live
WWE Hall of Famer (and best-selling author) Mick Foley
To most people -- well, pro wrestling fans at least -- the name Mick Foley is synonymous with brutal, blood-soaked matches involving the renowned grappler giving and receiving plenty of pain. This is, indeed, true of Foley, who spent close to two decades in the ring with World Wrestling Entertainment and other feds before hanging up his boots, but he's much more than just another 'rassler.

Besides his claim to fame as a three-time WWE Champion, the 55-year-old also is a gifted wordsmith and natural storyteller (hence his many legendary wrestling promos) who's penned several New York Times best-sellers and has been a frequent appearances on The Daily Show as the program's "Senior Asskicker."

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